Political chaos erupts in Jalandhar ahead of by-elections: BJP-Congress face-off

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Political chaos erupts in Jalandhar ahead of by-elections: BJP-Congress face-off

Wednesday, 10 July 2024 | PNS | Jalandhar

 In a dramatic turn of events leading up to Jalandhar Assembly by-election, BJP candidate Sheetal Angural’s brother, Rajan Angural, on Tuesday created a stir by discovering liquor inside a black Scorpio vehicle. The incident has led to a significant uproar in the area. Concurrently, Congress MP Charanjit Singh Channi also accused the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) of distributing “ladies suits” to influence the voters.


The vehicle in question contained AAP’s posters, and it was alleged that a box of liquor was also found inside. The situation was eventually brought under control by DSP Sanjay, who arrived at the scene promptly.


Rajan Angural accused the driver of the vehicle of using derogatory language towards the SC community. He also claimed that the detained individuals had hurt religious sentiments, a charge which the police are currently investigating. Upon inspection, the police did indeed find several bottles of liquor inside the vehicle.


The individual inside the vehicle stated he had come to collect suits, which were also found inside the car. Notably, the vehicle had an Indian Air Force sticker on it.


Meanwhile, former Chief Minister and newly-elected Jalandhar MP Channi caught people distributing suits near Avatar Nagar. He alleged that these suits were being distributed by AAP. Channi stated that AAP cannot win votes by distributing suits and emphasized the need for genuine work, which he claimed AAP had failed to do. However, Channi allowed those who had come to collect the suits to take them away.

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