Security on high alert after JeM threat to blow up Ram temple

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Security on high alert after JeM threat to blow up Ram temple

Saturday, 15 June 2024 | PNS | Lucknow

Security forces once again went on high alert with policing being further strengthened in Ayodhya after a threat was made to blow up the newly-consecrated Ram temple.

This time the threat has been given by the terrorist organisation Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM).

After an audio of the threat went viral, the Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh issued an alert. The security forces deployed in Ram nagari have been alerted. After the alert, investigation has been started with an intensive checking campaign at all the barriers of Ramkot in Ayodhya. Surveillance of devotees has also been increased on the way to Ram Lalla’s darshan.

It is said that in the threatening audio, a Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist named Aamir is heard saying that our mosque has been removed and a temple has been built. Now it will be blown up with a bomb. The terrorist is heard saying that “our three companions have been sacrificed and now this temple has to be demolished”.

Along with sounding the alert, security agencies are investigating the audio.

After the instructions from the state government, all the agencies of the Central and state government are on high alert.

Threats of attack on Ayodhya’s Ram temple has been received two or three times before this. Last year also a threat was received. However, it turned out to be a hoax. Earlier in 2005, the terrorist organisation Jaish-e-Mohammed had also attacked Ayodhya. The security forces killed five terrorists, while a civilian also lost his life. Now once again the audio of a terrorist attack in Ayodhya in the name of Jaish-e-Mohammed has gone viral, so vigilance has been immediately increased.

Checking has also been increased at the temple premises and its surroundings as well as barricading. Along with increasing surveillance on the devotees present at various places along the Ram path, suspicious objects and activities are being monitored.

Preparations are also being made to increase security around the railway station and airport. Suspicious objects are also being checked at the bus station and stands.

Sources said that since the consecration of Ram Lalla on January 22 this year, lakhs of people are visiting the Ram temple in Ayodhya every day for Darshan of Ram Lalla. However, the security in Ayodhya is better than before. There are also preparations to make an NSG hub in Ayodhya. The National Security Guard (NSG) will soon form its unit in Ayodhya. A senior officer said that this process was in the pipeline for some time. The NSG unit in Ayodhya will be operational in the next few months. This will help the local police and other CAPF (Central Armed Police Force) units and will reduce the response time for the NSG in case of any adverse situation.

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