Session on heat wave for children at Subash Excellence School

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Session on heat wave for children at Subash Excellence School

Tuesday, 09 April 2024 | Staff Reporter | BHOPAL

A session with children was held on Monday at Subash School of Excellence, at Bhopal on heat wave, do’s and don’t’s of heat wave for students. Session was taken by Dr George V Joseph, Joint Director Disaster Management Institute, Anil Gulati Communication Specialist UNICEF, Dr Prashant Kumar, Health Specialist UNICEF, and Parag Mandke, Consultant with School Education Department.

Anil Gulati, Communication Specialist spoke on the session, need to understand heat wave, do's and dont's and how children can spread the information they recieve. Dr George V Joseph, Joint Director Disaster Management Institute spoke about institute and how heat wave is becoming a challenge.

Dr Prashant Kumar Health Specialist, UNICEF spoke on aspect of heat wave, its impact on children and do's and dont's they can do. He also shared the importance of Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) and pratically displayed how to make ORS solution at home. He was supported by Dr Saurabh Saxena, Health Officer UNICEF.  He added that it is important to stay cool and hydrated, drink water at regular intervals. Use ORS and home made drinks like lassi, lemonade etc.

Sudhakar Parashar, Principal of Subash School of Excelen, post  the session said that school is starting a new initiative called Sath Sath Pani Piye, (Lets drink water together), which means that teacher and students will drink water in the class together to beat the heat wave and keep hydration levels in children and teachers of the school.

As a part of the arrangement all classes will have jug of drinking water and glasses in the school. Idea is to avoid getting dehyrated and take water regularly. This is like a 'water break' in the school and drink water consumption as tempratures soar in the city.

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