Slogans against Dhanbad MLA raised in Vijay Sankalp Sabha

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Slogans against Dhanbad MLA raised in Vijay Sankalp Sabha

Wednesday, 10 July 2024 | Pankaj | Dhanbad

The        internal conflict in Dhanbad BJP that had sur- faced during the Lok Sabha elections once again erupted on Tuesday during the Vijay sankalp sabha cum felicitation ceremony held on Tuesday for       Dhanbad

assembly seat .

The angry workers raised slogans of Murdabad against Dhanbad MLA Raj Sinha and protested in front of the state president Babulal Marandi and the MLA who were on dias . The workers were so angry that despite the persuasion of state president Babulal Marandi, Dhanbad MP Dhullu Mahato, for- mer MP Pashupati Nath Singh and other BJP officials present on the stage, they continued shouting anti Raj slogans for several minutes despite persuasion to calm down.


The workers were seen continuous- ly protesting against Dhanbad MLA Raj Sinha by raising slogans and accusing him of being indulged in anti-party work during the Lok Sabha elections.

Scuffle also took place between Dhullu and Raj supporters The workers calmed down after a lot of persuasion by the state president and Dhanbad MP.

Incidentally, the Dhanbad MLA was in-charge of this program .

As soon as the program started, BJP workers got up from their chairs and started protesting against Dhanbad MLA.State President Babulal Marandi, Dhanbad MP Dhullu Mahato, former MP Pashupati Nath Singh were present on the stage as the chief guests in the program where anti Raj slogans were raised.

Meanwhile, talking to the media,


BJP state president Babulal Marandi accused the Hemant Soren government of being indulged in illegal mining of sand and illegal earnings from. Soren said that Hemant Soren is deliberately not auctioning the sand ghats, because if the sand ghats are auctioned, the money coming from it will be deposited in the government treas- ury, which is currently being deposited in the safe of Hemant Soren's house .

He said that the government should make the sand used in the construc- tion work within the state free, but in order to make illegal collections, the government is seizing the sand transported by tractors within the state, but on the other hand, it does not even touch the sand that is being transported on i Hiva trucks and sent illegally outside the state to states like UP, Bihar, Bengal.


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