Sona Devi University promotes women's education with 50% assured scholarships

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Sona Devi University promotes women's education with 50% assured scholarships

Friday, 01 March 2024 | PNS | Jamshedpur

Sona Devi University in Ghatshila has taken a pioneering step towards promoting women's education by declaring the month of March as International Women's Month. As part of this initiative, the university has introduced a special 50% assured scholarship for female students enrolling in Arts, Commerce, and Science undergraduate and postgraduate courses during this period.

Dr. Gulab Singh Azad, the Registrar of Sona Devi University, announced the unique scholarship program, highlighting the university's commitment to encouraging women's participation in higher education. The scheme is applicable to all female students who enroll in graduate and postgraduate courses in Arts, Commerce, and Science between March 1 and March 31.

Sona Devi University, recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC), is the sole university in the Ghatshila subdivision where academic activities have been consistently maintained since the last academic session. The university offers a diverse range of courses, including more than a dozen undergraduate and postgraduate options in arts, commerce, and science faculties.

The 50% assured scholarship is a testament to the university's dedication to empowering women through education. Dr. Azad urged all eligible female students to seize this opportunity and enroll in the university during the designated month. The scholarship will cover half of the course fees for those pursuing arts, commerce, and science courses, making higher education more accessible and affordable for women in the region.

This initiative aligns with the global celebration of International Women's Month, emphasizing the importance of gender inclusivity in educational institutions. Sona Devi University's commitment to fostering an environment of equality and providing financial support to female students showcases its progressive approach to education and social development.

Prospective female students are encouraged to take advantage of this significant opportunity by visiting Sona Devi University and applying for admission in Arts, Commerce, and Science courses before the March 31 deadline. The university looks forward to welcoming and supporting a new cohort of talented and empowered women in pursuit of higher education.

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