Traffic Police reports 35 per cent surge in prosecutions for parking violations this year

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Traffic Police reports 35 per cent surge in prosecutions for parking violations this year

Monday, 17 June 2024 | Staff Reporter | New Delhi

The Delhi Traffic Police has reported a significant surge in prosecutions related to improper parking violations and booked over 2.4 lakh violators for improper parking this year so far, an increase of nearly 35 per cent as compared to the last year.

The officials said this marked increase in enforcement is part of a broader initiative to improve traffic flow and ensure the safety of all road users within the city.

Over the past several months, the Delhi Traffic Police has intensified its efforts to address the widespread issue of improper parking, which has been identified as a major contributor to traffic congestion and accidents. This crackdown has resulted in a noticeable increase in the number of challans issued for parking violations, they said.

The police have deployed additional personnel to monitor instances of illegal parking more effectively. This measure has been instrumental in identifying and prosecuting offenders, leading to a more disciplined parking culture among motorists in the city, the officials said.

"The statistics for the current year showed that police have booked 2,40,152 violators for improper parking, while the numbers were 1,77,800 in 2023. This marks an increase of nearly 35 per cent in prosecutions compared to the previous year," they stated.

Lack of regulation or charges over parking on public land also adds to the menace, as most car owners, in order to avoid parking charges, shift to parking on the streets adding to congestion on the road.

Furthermore, the Delhi Traffic Police have conducted a comprehensive analysis of the 10 traffic circles, where the highest number of challans were issued in 2024 due to improper parking. This investigation has identified specific areas where these violations are most frequent. By pinpointing these locations, targeted enforcement measures can be implemented to improve adherence to traffic rules, the officials said.

In addition to issuing challans, the Delhi Traffic Police has also been actively towing vehicles that are parked illegally, especially in areas that are prone to heavy traffic or are designated as no-parking zones. This immediate removal of improperly parked vehicles has helped in maintaining smoother traffic flow and reducing the risk of accidents, they said.

The officials said that public awareness campaigns have been launched to educate the drivers about the importance of adhering to parking regulations and the potential consequences of violations, adding these campaigns aim to foster a greater sense of responsibility among drivers and encourage compliance with traffic laws.

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