Two more held in Hathras stampede case

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Two more held in Hathras stampede case

Tuesday, 09 July 2024 | PNS | Lucknow

The Hathras police arrested two more accused in connection with the stampede in which 121 people died last Tuesday.

The arrested persons have been identified as Durgesh Kumar Saxena and Dalbir Singh and both were sevadars in the satsang in which the stampede took place.

A Special Investigation Team (SIT) constituted by the Uttar Pradesh government is also investigating the case. The SIT is headed by Additional Director General of Police (Agra Zone) Anupam Kulshreshtha.

According to information, both were very active in organising this satsang like other sevadars and they were also responsible for its management. On Monday, both were arrested and presented in the court.

So far 11 accused, including the main volunteer Dev Prakash Madhukar, have been arrested in this case.

Meanwhile, an audio clip has also surfaced in which a volunteer of Bhole Baba is talking to his friend. The volunteer’s friend says that so many people died today, to which the volunteer says that it doesn’t matter, this incident was bound to happen.

The volunteer said, “Baba had said that whoever does not worship him will have to face such consequences. The disaster came and people started falling on their own. Baba had said that if you go away, you will be saved... this has never happened before.”

He said, “Everything happened according to Baba’s wish. If you fear Baba and worship him, you will be saved, otherwise you will die. Baba can also bring people back to life… there is nothing to worry about. Worship Hari Narayan Baba.”

In the 4.39-minute audio clip going viral, the volunteer’s friend says that 300 people have been killed. In response, the volunteer says that Baba had said that those who are to be killed will be killed at their home as well and those who are to be saved will remain safe.

He said, “There is no need to panic, we have seen more dead bodies in Rajasthan. Everything is according to Baba’s wish.
However, it is not yet clear who this volunteer is and whose audio this is. The police are investigating this viral audio.

According to the Uttar Pradesh government, most of the 121 people who died in the stampede during the satsang at Sikandra Rao have been identified. Devotees from various districts of Uttar Pradesh and neighboring states had come to this programme. Efforts are being made to identify the remaining bodies, officials said. 

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