Two vehicle-lifters arrested, 6 bikes seized

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Two vehicle-lifters arrested, 6 bikes seized

Monday, 12 February 2024 | Staff Reporter | BHOPAL

Khajuri police nabbed vehicle lifter and recovered stolen two wheeler from wedding venues after tracking wedding dates organised at these spots; 6 motor cycles worth Rs 3 lakh have been recovered from the accused in the action.

During the night patrol vehicle checking on February 8 in Khajuri road police station two suspicious persons were on motorbike without registraion number and  when they were stopped and later when the suspect was taken to police station and engine number of the vehicle was checked on the VDP portal at the police station. HA10AGJHL06822 and chassis number on checking MBLHAR080JHL02756 and vehicle number MP04QF9088 was found which was found to be a stolen vehicle.

The accused were identiefied as Satish Menwada father became Singh Menwada(19),  Rohit Purvia(21) of Sehore, and when interrogated about the crime, they e admitted to committing the crime.

During the investigation, team interrogated the arrested accused in connection with the theft of another vehicle, who confessed stealing vehicles from Shagun Garden Bhauri, Marriage Garden Baigradha Kala,  Sundarban Marriage Garden Lalghati Bhopal and Gulshan Marriage Garden Sehore.

Police station Khajuri Road team took action with immediate effect on the basis of the memorandum of the accused. Accused Rohit presented motorcycle number MP04YM6951 from his house which was found to be theft in crime number 29/24 section 379 of Indian Penal Code of Khajuri Road Police Station and was seized by the police. Taken and sold by the accused from different places.

Meanwhile Kohefiza police arrested a man and seized Rs 63 lakh of hawala money and a car in which the cash was carried, further details of the illegal money are under investigation, said police.

Taking immediate action in the matter, the car was tracked and illegally carried Rs 63 lakh cash in car bearing registration number MP04EB8464. The nabbed driver was identified as Narendra Aggarwal of Sagar and inquiries are being made regarding the money.

After the preliminary investigation a case under section 41(1 - 4) of the CrPC was registered and started the investigation.                

Police said that 124 bundles of 500 - 500 rupee notes, 100 notes in each bundle, total 12400 notes and 5 bundles of 200 - 200 rupee notes, 100 notes in each bundle, total 500 notes, thus total cash amount is Rs 63 lakh with KIA car vehicle registration number vehicle of MP04EB8464 was seized.

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