Voting peaceful in Naxalite hotbed in Lohardaga

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Voting peaceful in Naxalite hotbed in Lohardaga

Tuesday, 14 May 2024 | PNS | Lohardaga

Barring sporadic incidents of scuffle, Lohardaga Lok Sabha elections were held in a peaceful atmosphere on Monday. A total of 62 percent voting took place till 5:00 pm. In which voting is reported to be 66 percent in Lohardaga, 62 percent in Mandar, 62 percent in Sisai, 62 percent in Gumla and 61 percent in Vishunpur. Even in the remote plateau areas, the voters' passion to cast their vote reached their peak. As the sun's rays became warmer, the enthusiasm of the voters increased. More than 70 percent voting is reported in the Naxalite stronghold. Contrary to expectations, there were long queues of voters at polling stations in rural and especially Naxal affected areas since morning. Voting was conducted peacefully with unprecedented security arrangements. 

Out of the total polling stations, 324 polling stations were deployed in 72-Lohardaga assembly constituency and other 104 polling stations were deployed under 69-Vishunpur (Part) along with security arrangements in the elections. The enthusiasm of women voters was at its peak in urban and rural areas. Deputy Commissioner cum District Election Officer Dr. Waghmare Prasad Krishna is keeping an eye on the situation to ensure clean and peaceful voting. Police Captain Haris Bin Zaman, Deputy Development Commissioner Dilip Singh Shekhawat, AC Jitendra Munda, SDO Amit Kumar, SDPO Shraddha Kerketta, DSP Sameer Tirkey and other administrative top officials also visited the area and took stock of the voting situation. There is no news of any untoward incident during this period. The enthusiasm of voters in Naxal affected areas was quite pleasant. A huge crowd of women was seen. Similarly, in Udarangi, Masmano, Jamgai, Bhitha, Baragai of Bhandra block and Narauli, Hanhat, Sadhabe, Ghazni etc. of Kairo block, more than 55 percent votes are reported to have been cast till 3:00 pm. More than 63 percent voting is reported in the highly Naxal affected Kharta booth of Kairo block. Many people have gone to earn. Due to which voters at many booths were deprived of their voting rights. At some places a huge crowd of voters gathered since morning to cast their votes, while at many places there was commotion among the voters. In remote areas, voters started arriving much later in the voting process. At some centers, voters had started arriving even before the voting started. The pleasant aspect of voting was that women voters from urban areas as well as rural areas came out of their homes and participated enthusiastically in the voting process. 

Along with national and independent candidates, leaders and workers of political parties kept reaching the polling stations to get information about the voting process and were asking their polling agents and workers to increase voting. The main contest in Lohardaga is between ruling BJP's Rajya Sabha MP Sameer Oraon and opposition party India Alliance Congress's candidate Sukhdev Bhagat. Apart from this, 13 other candidates are in the election race. BJP candidate Sameer Oraon meeting BJP workers after the completion of Lohardaga Lok Sabha elections, claimed his victory. Said Prime Minister's arrival at Lohardaga and Modi ji's guarantee has worked as a Brahmastra. The people of Lohardaga Lok Sabha have given full blessings. The people of Lohardaga Lok Sabha have blessed the BJP. At the same time, Indian Alliance Congress candidate Sukhdev Bhagat is looking optimistic about victory. He said that this time the people have voted to save the democracy and constitution of the country. He expressed his gratitude to all the leaders and workers of the India Alliance as well as all the seniors including Congress National President Shri Kharge, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, General Secretary Jairam Ramesh, Congress State President Rajesh Thakur, Working President Bandhu Tirkey, religious leader Bandhan Tigga. Said that he has received abundant blessings from every class and community. Our victory from Lohardaga Lok Sabha seat is certain.

High voting in Muslim and Christian areas

The voting percentage in minority dominated areas of Lohardaga Lok Sabha constituency was higher than other areas. The inclination of Muslim and Christian voters towards voting can be gauged from the fact that voters started heading towards the booth at 6:30 in the morning. More than 70 percent votes are reported to have been cast in minority dominated Panchayat booths like Arru, Senha, Kalhepat, Hanhat, Soranda, Pandara, Nari-Nawadih, Hisri, Chandu-Jima, Sundru etc. In these areas, Muslim women also came out of their homes in large numbers to the booths to vote. There was a lot of enthusiasm among men and women at the booths in Muslim dominated areas. Women in rural areas were very excited.

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