Water crisis: Atishi writes to Modi, vows to go on strike

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Water crisis: Atishi writes to Modi, vows to go on strike

Thursday, 20 June 2024 | Staff Reporter | New Delhi

Amid heatwave and water crisis, Delhi Water Minister Atishi on Wednesday said that she has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the water crisis in the national Capital and threatened to go on an indefinite strike from June 21 if the issue is not resolved within a couple of days. Addressing a press conference here, Atishi said Delhi is grappling with a water crisis since Haryana is not releasing the capital's share of water.  "Yesterday, Haryana released 513 MGD of water to Delhi as against 613 MGD. One MGD of water is for 28,500 people. The shortfall in water supply has rendered nearly 28 lakh people in Delhi waterless, she added.

The Minister said people are not only battling heatwave conditions but also water shortage.  "I have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the water crisis requesting him to resolve the issue. If the crisis is not solved within two days, I will go on an indefinite strike from June 21," she said. Atishi said they have written multiple letters to the Haryana government to resolve the issue. Atishi, in her letter said that it must be known that on May 29, the temperature in Delhi was 52.9 degrees Celsius, which was unprecedented. On Tuesday last, the temperature was 47 degrees. Even at 10 pm the temperature was 41 degrees. Delhi has not experienced this much heat in the last 100 years. In this scorching heat, the need of water for the people of Delhi has increased. But when Delhiites need water in large quantities, there is a water shortage in Delhi. There is a panic for water in the city.

She further wrote that the total water supply in Delhi is 1050 MGD, out of which 613 MGD water comes from Haryana. But for the last two weeks, the water coming from Haryana has reduced considerably. If we look at the figures of June 18, only 513 MGD water was sent by Haryana to Delhi. That means Delhi is getting 100 MGD less water.

"1 MGD of water provides water to approximately 28,500 people in a day. Due to shortage of 100 MGD water, 28 lakh people are not getting water. That means Haryana government has stopped water supply to 28 lakh Delhiites. Prime Minister ji, You tell me, is it right to keep 28 lakh Delhiites thirsty?" the Water Minister said.

"Prime Minister ji, the people of Delhi are very troubled. Now I cannot see this trouble. I have tried everything possible, but the Haryana government is not ready to give water to the people of Delhi. Now I am requesting you with folded hands that you provide water to 28 lakh people of Delhi. In case the city does not get water, I will have to do 'Satyagraha" from 21st June and sit on an indefinite hunger strike," the city's water minister concluded in her letter.

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