Water Minister's hunger strike a sham, claims Bansuri

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Water Minister's hunger strike a sham, claims Bansuri

Saturday, 22 June 2024 | Staff Reporter | New Delhi

New Delhi BJP MP Bansuri Swaraj on Friday lashed out at the State Water Minister Atishi over her indefinite hunger fast and said that her satyagraha is a sham and an attempt to hide her inactivity amid the national capital grappling with water crisis.

In a press conference, Swaraj attacked the senior AAP leader and said, "Atishi is a completely unsuccessful Water Minister, it was clear from February this year that Delhi will face a long summer but she did not make any preparations."

She claimed, "At the time when Delhi had to be prepared for the needs of the summer, she was busy making statements on the possible arrest of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and then the arrest."

The first time MP asked six simple questions to Atishi and hoped that she would answer the questions. She stated, "Why did the Delhi Jal Board not make a summer action plan in March this year and why did it not make full preparations in the discussions that were held despite the information of the scorching heat from the Meteorological Department?"

Reiterating her party's stance, she said, "You keep asking for additional water from Haryana or Himachal Pradesh which do not have additional water but why don't you ask for water from Punjab which is situated between Haryana and Himachal Pradesh even though your own party is in power there?"

She demanded the data over which the minister has said that 28 lakh people are facing water problems in the city. "Today three crore people of Delhi are facing water problems but I don't know what the data is on the basis of which you still say that only 28 lakh people of Delhi are suffering from water problem. Atishi, why are you rubbing salt on the wounds of the three crore water crisis affected people by declaring them to be 28 lakh?" she questioned.

She inquired about the work done in the last ten years on cleaning and increasing the storage system of water plants like Wazirabad Barrage and Sonia Vihar.

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