Will not let BJP snatch your rights over water, jungle and land: Priyanka Gandhi

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Will not let BJP snatch your rights over water, jungle and land: Priyanka Gandhi

Thursday, 23 May 2024 | PNS | Ranchi

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi today addressed two rallies in support of Congress candidates Pradeep Yadav (Godda) and Yashashwini Sahay (Ranchi). In her address to the people of Jharkhand, Priyanka said, “We will not reduce your rights on water, forests and land. Today BJP leaders and their billionaires have their eyes on your water, forests and land. There is a desire to tamper with the SPT and CNT Act. Your land and water were given to Adani. You neither get a job nor electricity. All the electricity goes abroad and you don't get it.”

“Today they have attacked the opposition. The media is captured, so that you do not know the truth. What is their truth? Their truth is that all their policies in the entire country are being made for their big billionaire friends. You were not compensated for the way your land was taken. Here the big billionaires got a lot of benefit but you did not. They are doing it like this all over the country. The country's coal mines, country's electricity, airports and ports have all been given to their billionaire friends. These people forgive the loans of billionaires. Rs 16 lakh crore has been waived off for 22,23 trillionaires. And not a single rupee was forgiven to the farmers of the country,” she said.

Priyanka said that today the poor farmers of the country are struggling with poverty. When a farmer goes to farming his equipment becomes expensive. GST is applicable. They don't get the right price for the produce. If a disaster occurs, even compensation is not available.

Priyanka also attacked the BJP on Covid vaccine. She said that the PM has removed his photo from the identity card of the vaccine. Donations of Rs 52 crore have also been taken from them. All his policies are for billionaires. Think deeply about what kind of government you want. Congress has an ideology. It is above caste and religion. It considers the poor and farmers as supreme. Do you want such candidates or those from Taj Hotel? You want a candidate who is from here or an outsider.

When elections are held here and you press the EVM button, remember that you will open the way for Hemant ji's release, she added.

Priyanka said that BJP leaders are going from place to place saying that if they are elected with full majority then they will change the Constitution. This Constitution has given you rights. This Constitution has given you rights on water, forest and land. You have been given the right to vote. You have been given a reservation. If they come to power they will change the Constitution. They will weaken your reservation. They will reduce your rights. We are sure of this. Because in the last 10 years they have weakened democracy in every way. They have weakened the Parliament.

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