Woman boards bus in undergarments; travellers shocked

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Woman boards bus in undergarments; travellers shocked

Friday, 19 April 2024 | Staff Reporter | New Delhi

When passengers boarded a bus heading to their destinations, little did they know that they were in for a shock. A viral video shot by a commuter shows a woman boarding a crowded cluster bus with undergarments, forcing the crew and passengers to call police.

According to the transport department officials, the cluster bus was going towards Shivaji Stadium on Wednesday, when a woman who was wearing undergarments boarded the bus from Punjabi Bagh Bus Stop. “The woman boarded the bus in a condition where crew and passengers objected and someone called the PCR. After 10 minutes the woman de-boarded the bus,” said the official of the transport department.

The 13 seconds video shows a woman boarding the bus in a bikini and standing near the gate. The video which is trending on the different social media platforms including X (formerly Twitter) also captures the reaction of other passengers who look shocked by the woman’s obscure outfit. A woman wearing a saree moves away from her after she onboarded while a man, who she is seen making some gestures towards, empties his seat and moves away to a different part of the bus.

This video has garnered more than a million views with scores of X users sharing their opinion on the same. While some expressed their shock over ‘the lack of civic sense’, others say freedom to choose triumphs everything else.

A user said, “Unfortunate to draw social media fame. Haven’t seen this even abroad in local buses or trains. We’re a very confused society in need to prove our strength/identity/attention, call it whatever. Empowerment done wrong.” People have also urged the Delhi Police to look into a matter. However, there has been no official comment regarding the incident by the authorities yet.

However, it is not the first time that such a bizarre video has come out of Delhi. A young ‘Delhi metro viral video girl’ also made headlines last year in a similar fashion. The woman identified as Rhythm Chanana grabbed attention after photos and videos of her travelling in Delhi Metro wearing a bra and a miniskirt went viral on the internet.

The girl and her outfit went viral after a X handle ‘NCMIndia Council For Men Affairs’ shared a video in which she could be seen sitting next to other female passengers inside a coach in Delhi Metro with a backpack on her lap. In the nine second video, the passengers seem perplexed after she removes her bag and one sees her wearing a miniskirt and bra in a public transport.

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