A Beacon of Sanatana Dharma in the Modern World

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A Beacon of Sanatana Dharma in the Modern World

Sunday, 23 June 2024 | SAKSHI PRIYA

A Beacon of Sanatana Dharma in the Modern World

Priyanka Anand’s transition from corporate success to spiritual leadership exemplifies her profound commitment to preserving and promoting India’s ancient wisdom. Inspired by her Guru, Om Swami, she now leads the Vedic Sadhana Foundation, making Sanatana Dharma accessible to the modern world says SAKSHI PRIYA

In a world where ancient traditions often struggle to find their place amidst modernity, Priyanka Anand stands as a shining beacon of Sanatana Dharma, illuminating the path for countless seekers. Her journey from a successful corporate career to leading the Vedic Sadhana Foundation is a witness to the power of spiritual transformation and the enduring relevance of India’s ancient wisdom. Priyanka’s life story is one of dedication, faith and a profound commitment to preserving and promoting the timeless teachings of Sanatana Dharma, especially among the younger generation.

From a young age, Priyanka was driven by a quest for deeper answers to life’s fundamental questions. This quest took a significant turn when she met her Guru, Om Swami, whose selfless service to humanity and profound vision inspired her to find a new direction. One of the major reasons for her transition was the disconnection she observed between the youth and their Vedic heritage, a disconnection she experienced personally and saw in her own daughter. Guided by her Guru, Priyanka felt a compelling urge to share this transformative experience with others, particularly children, to ensure they appreciate and embrace their cultural heritage.

Despite stepping away from her corporate career, Priyanka continues to grip her corporate experience in her current role. The Vedic Sadhana Foundation operates with the dynamism of a startup, driven by a mission to serve and make a lasting impact. Rather than focusing on shareholder value, the foundation is dedicated to sharing the wealth of Dharma with future generations. This approach ensures that the rich heritage of Sanatana Dharma is not only preserved but also revitalised in a way that resonates with today’s youth.

Priyanka’s decision to transition from the corporate world was influenced by several pivotal moments. Under her Guru’s guidance, her interest in exploring the depths of Dharma grew. The powerful teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and other scriptures offered profound answers and insights into life. A particularly significant experience was when her daughter, attending a Catholic school, expressed a desire to become a disciple of Jesus at the age of seven. This moment highlighted the disconnection from their own cultural heritage. Priyanka began sharing stories from the Puranas with her daughter and practicing more rituals at home. These experiences deepened her love for Bhagawan and solidified her path. In times of despair, her Guru was her pillar of strength, much like Krishna to Draupadi, leading her to share this journey with others.

At the Vedic Sadhana Foundation, Priyanka strives to make ancient teachings relatable to the younger generation by meeting them where they are online. The foundation has developed the world’s first app for Mantra Sadhana, empowering youth globally through the practice of meditation and mantra chanting. The Sadhana App, used by 90,000 people globally, 75% of whom are youth, makes these practices accessible. Additionally, the foundation holds free Sadhana events across India, allowing youth to collectively embrace and understand the meaning behind these practices. Engaging directly with their curiosity, the foundation answers thousands of queries on their helpdesk, showcasing the beauty and richness of Dharma, which encourages personal exploration and empowers youth to lead better lives.

Incorporating Sanatana Dharma into educational systems is essential for preserving this rich heritage. Key scriptures like the Bhagavad Gita and the Mahabharata can be integrated into the curriculum, teaching them as history rather than mythology. Mindful practices like prayer, meditation and contemplation can profoundly impact students, encouraging them to reflect on higher questions of life. Well-trained teachers who understand Sanatana Dharma can inspire students with its values and virtues. Celebrating traditional festivals, rituals and practices creates a vibrant cultural environment, helping students connect with their heritage. Technology, like the Sadhana App, can also be incorporated into the curriculum, providing students with practical tools for spiritual growth and self-discovery.

The impact of the Vedic Sadhana Foundation’s work is evident in stories like Priya’s, who found solace and purpose through the Sadhana App. Struggling with severe mental health issues, Priya discovered the app and started with simple mantra chanting. The practices brought her a profound sense of calm and clarity, transforming her life. Inspired to learn more about Sanatana Dharma, Priya found a renewed sense of purpose and a stronger spiritual foundation. Her story is a powerful testament to the foundation’s life-changing impact.

One major challenge in promoting Sanatana Dharma is the reluctance to discuss religion openly. The foundation addresses this by leading by example, proudly celebrating heritage and showcasing its transformative power. Modern-day disengagement from traditional practices due to time constraints and lack of access to authentic information is another challenge. The Sadhana App, created by Om Swami, makes these practices accessible to all, demonstrating their profound impact.

Priyanka’s vision for the Vedic Sadhana Foundation is to become a global beacon for Sanatana Dharma, making ancient Indian wisdom accessible and transformative for people worldwide. The foundation plans to establish a stronger presence, inspire the younger generation and collaborate with patrons to ensure a lasting legacy. Upcoming initiatives include the Sadhana Tablet, a dedicated device for performing Sadhana, and the Astro Sadhana App, which integrates astrology with spiritual practices. Programs for children will help them connect with their spiritual roots from an early age.

With a global audience, the foundation plans to expand its reach to digital platforms and establish a strategic physical presence. Relocating to the USA, Priyanka aims to bring ancient Indian wisdom to the forefront, mirroring historical efforts of saints who spread this knowledge globally. By making digital offerings more accessible and organising on-ground events, the foundation hopes to inspire pride in heritage and embrace Sanatana Dharma worldwide.

Priyanka’s personal journey and spiritual practice under the mentorship of Om Swami have profoundly influenced her leadership and the foundation’s direction. Rediscovering the transformative power of Sanatana Dharma, she integrates these ancient practices into modern life, driving the foundation’s mission to reconnect individuals with their spiritual roots and promoting mental and emotional well-being through ancient practices.

In a world increasingly disconnected from its roots, Priyanka Anand and the Vedic Sadhana Foundation stand as powerful advocates for the preservation and promotion of Sanatana Dharma. Through innovative use of technology, educational initiatives and a profound commitment to spiritual growth, they are ensuring that the timeless wisdom of ancient India continues to thrive and inspire future generations. Priyanka’s journey from a corporate leader to a spiritual guide is not just a personal transformation but a beacon of hope for all seeking deeper meaning and connection in their lives. Her work is a reminder that, with dedication and vision, it is possible to bridge the gap between the ancient and the modern, creating a harmonious path forward for all.

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