A Celebration of Artistic Diversity and Creative Dialogue

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A Celebration of Artistic Diversity and Creative Dialogue

Sunday, 07 July 2024 | SAKSHI PRIYA

A Celebration of Artistic Diversity and Creative Dialogue

Step into the dynamic realm of art at CONFLUENCE 24, where each masterpiece narrates an alluring tale. This lively gathering of established and emerging artists explored diverse creative practices, embracing art and community for an enriching week-long celebration. says SAKSHI PRIYA

In the world of art, where every individual in the exhibition appreciates and understands the worth of each artist, the immersive experience of CONFLUENCE 24 truly stood out. The Welham Old Boys Society (WOBS) proudly presented this spectacular event, a week-long art exhibition and community engagement initiative held at The Stainless Gallery, New Delhi. This second edition of CONFLUENCE 24 was an evolving platform that supported diverse creative practices and upheld constructive dialogue across multiple communities.

During this eight-day group art exhibition, featuring established and emerging artists, architects, designers and photographers from diverse backgrounds, the exhibition featured prominent Indian artists Anupam Sud and Ananda Moy Banerji, both renowned for their significant contributions to art education. Akshay Raj Singh Rathore’s artwork, grounded in social realities and Viveek Sharma’s powerful pieces offered immersive and thought-provoking experiences for visitors.

Amongst the artists from the younger generation, New York-based photographer Nanki Singh stood out with her focus on social documentaries. Her work, “Aaine Tak Ka Safar,” was immersive and beautiful, featuring a series of photographs depicting survivors of acid attacks. Kunal Batra, a water-colourist photographer, enthralled viewers with his artwork that

evoked the serene beauty of Himalayan landscapes, complete with charming huts that felt like scenes from a dreamy, fairytale-like midnight.

Artist Divyam Raghunath, presented his work on subconscious interpretation, titled “Architectural Demise.” His journey began with photographing Indian urban architecture, which he used as references in his paintings. However, the mesmerising aspect of his work was his ability to paint without direct references, relying instead on his imagination. As he explained, “I let the brushstroke create curiosity within the painting,” which added a unique beauty to his art. His architectural pieces formed abstract shapes, with one painting inspired by Bangalore’s MG Road. Exhibition attendees perceived his work in diverse ways, some recalling the Durga Puja of Kolkata, while others were reminded of the streets of Japan, showcasing the varied perspectives his art elicited.

Delhi-based sculptor Pratima Narang’s iconic sculptures, ‘Divide’ and ‘Gaze,’ added significant value to the exhibition with their beautiful craftsmanship. A journal depicting a ‘Trip to the Andamans’ was also displayed, resonating deeply with visitors by capturing every detail of the journey in a visually appealing form. Artist Saksham Singh’s paintings, created with natural pigments like turmeric and pomegranate, highlighted the connection to nature using everyday materials. His other works, made with indigo, were inspired by his experiences in the forests and grasslands of Bangalore and the Western Ghats. Singh aimed to help people connect with nature, finding landscapes within themselves as well as outside.

Photographer Aliza Mirza’s lino-cut depictions of the ‘Nasreen Building’ were truly immersive and glorious. Additionally, artist Guncha Sharma’s beautiful depictions of European streets, adorned with pink bougainvilleas under the summer sun, and her hand-painted rhododendrons transported viewers back to childhood holidays in the hills. Her work combined the tactile texture of hand-painting with a vibrant mix of colours, creating an evocative and nostalgic experience for all who viewed it.

CONFLUENCE 24 unfolded as a mesmerising window of artistic expression, showing a rich array of artworks by talents like Usha Chengappa, Archita Bharadwaj, Harshi Agarwal and Tushar Sharma. The exhibition further illuminated the creative landscape with the contributions of educators like Nirupama Sekhri, photographers including Dr. Abhishek Gaurav and Harsh Bansal, wildlife conservationist Mohit Dang and the promising advertising student Ujjwal Gupta, captivating visitors with their unique perspectives and creative flair.

After the well-deserved success of the first edition, Rohit Jaiswal, President of Welham Old Boys Society, and his team were enthusiastic about staging this year’s CONFLUENCE 24. The focus on art education, particularly in regions facing multiple challenges, underscored the exhibition’s commitment to assist and promote creative talent. As one artist at the exhibition poignantly noted, “Nothing is more valuable for us than having people here see every artwork and create their own understanding and thoughts. It feels surreal.”

CONFLUENCE 24, a week-long collective gathering featuring photography, architecture, design, conversations, sessions and more. This evolving platform supported diverse creative practices and encouraged constructive dialogue within and across multiple communities. Visitors at The Stainless Gallery witnessed the beauty and depth of CONFLUENCE 24, where every piece of art told a story and every individual found a unique connection.

As the curtains close on CONFLUENCE 24, the echoes of creativity and the spirit of artistic expression linger on. The exhibition not only showcased the immense talent of artists but also served as a platform for meaningful conversations and reflections. It was a celebration of art, culture and creativity, reminding us of the profound impact of artistic expression on our lives. CONFLUENCE 24 was more than an exhibition; it was a tribute to the power of art to inspire, provoke thought and bring people together.

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