Rahul dares Assam Police to file more FIRs; says he won't be intimidated

| | Barpeta (Assam)
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Rahul dares Assam Police to file more FIRs; says he won't be intimidated

Wednesday, 24 January 2024 | PTI | Barpeta (Assam)

Rahul dares Assam Police to file more FIRs; says he won't be intimidated

A day after Guwahati Police filed a case against him and other Congress leaders for allegedly provoking crowd, Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday dared the BJP-ruled state to file "as many cases as it can", asserting that he will not be intimidated.

Addressing his first public meeting on the 7th day of 'Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra' in Barpeta district, the Congress leader slammed Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and termed him the "most corrupt CM" of the country with a series of allegations related to land and areca nut.

"I don't know how Himanta Biswa Sarma got the idea that he can intimidate me by filing cases. File as many cases as you can. File 25 more cases, I am not going to be intimidated. BJP-RSS can't intimidate me", he added.

The Guwahati Police on Tuesday suo motu registered an FIR against Gandhi and other leaders for wanton acts of violence in the state capital.

"I gave a speech against (Narendra) Modi's special friend (Gautam) Adani and case was filed against me. Then threw me out of parliament and took away my government residence. I gave the keys myself, I don't want it.

"My home is in the heart of every Indian citizen, I live there. I have lakhs of houses in Assam, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and all other states," Gandhi said amidst a huge round of applause from the public.

Alleging that a series of corruption is taking place in Assam, the Congress leader termed Sarma as the "most corrupt CM" in the country.

"While he (Sarma) speaks to you, he steals your land. While you chew betel nut, he corners the supari business. He steals money from your pocket. He has taken land in Kaziranga National Park also", the Congress leader added.

Referring to the media conglomerate owned by the wife of Assam Chief Minister, Gandhi alleged that TV media shows what Sarma wants in the state.

"Sarma is controlled by Amit Shah. If anyone says anything against Amit Shah, he is thrown out by Sarma within two minutes. Tarun Gogoi was also a CM, but he did what Assam wanted. Tarun Gogoi was my guru, but I never told him what to do," he claimed.

Showing the 'Gamocha' (Assamese scarf), a symbol of the culture and identity of Assam, wrapped around his neck, Gandhi said the ruling dispensation is insulting the pride of the state.

"The BJP-RSS wants to wipe out the language, culture and history of Assam. They want to end the education given by your ancestors. They want to run Assam from Nagpur, but we will not allow it. Assam will be run from Assam only", he added.

The Congress MP also alleged that the hearts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Sarma are "filled with hatred".

"HBS (acronym for Himanta Biswa Sarma) wakes up with hatred in his heart. He hates all the people in the world. He speaks hatred and fear for 24 hours. The fight is not against him, but the hatred in his heart," he added.

Stating that hatred can't defeat hatred, Gandhi appealed to everyone to use love to eradicate hatred.

"Fear hides behind hatred. These people spread hatred and fear, and we spread love. BJP-RSS fight one religion with another religion, one language with another language.

"We spoke to millions of people in 'Bharat Jodo Yatra'. Everyone told us that hatred won't work in India, love works here. This is the country of love", he added.

Gandhi alleged that the BJP-RSS ideology has burned Manipur for several months now with people still being killed and houses set ablaze, but the Prime Minister of the country has not visited the state till date.

The Yatra, led by the Congress MP, commenced from Manipur on January 14 and will culminate on March 20 in Mumbai.

The Assam leg of the march, which started on January 18, will continue till January 25. It will travel 833 km in 17 districts.

The Yatra plans to cover 6,713 km in 67 days while passing through 110 districts in 15 states.

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