China military drills appear to simulate attack: Taiwan

China military drills appear to simulate attack: Taiwan

Sunday, 07 August 2022 | AP | Beijing

Taiwan said on Saturday that China's military drills appear to simulate an attack on the self-ruled island, after multiple Chinese warships and aircraft crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait following US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taipei that infuriated Beijing. Taiwan's armed forces issued an alert, dispatched air...

China summons European diplomats over statement on Taiwan

Saturday, 06 August 2022 | AP | Beijing

China says it summoned European diplomats in the country to protest statements issued by the Group of Seven nations and the European Union criticising threatening Chinese military exercises surrounding Taiwan. The Foreign Ministry on Friday said Vice Minister Deng Li made “solemn representations” over what he called “wanton interference in China's...

Unique ‘Buddha pendant' discovered at Mohenjo-daro after heavy downpour

Saturday, 06 August 2022 | PTI | Karachi

A unique antique object, termed "Buddha pendant", has been found very close to the archaeological site of Mohenjo-daro in Pakistan's Sindh province after the area was lashed by heavy rains, according to a media report on Friday. Believed to be of archaeological importance, the object was found in the Dikshit South...

Hundreds of thousands gather for mass prayer in Baghdad

Saturday, 06 August 2022 | AP | Baghdad

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis heeded the call of an influential Shiite cleric to gather in a show of strength for a mass prayer in the heart of Baghdad's government zone on Friday. The gathering took place amid an escalating political crisis that has put the country's capital on edge. The powerful...

France going through its most severe drought ever, says PM

Saturday, 06 August 2022 | AP | Paris

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne warned that France is facing the “most severe drought” ever recorded in the country and announced the activation of a government crisis unit. Borne said in a written statement on Friday that many areas in France are going through a “historic situation” as the country endures...

‘China cannot stop US officials from visiting Taiwan’

Saturday, 06 August 2022 | AP | Tokyo

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday that China will not isolate Taiwan by preventing US officials from travelling there. She made the remarks in Tokyo on the final leg of an Asia tour highlighted by a visit to Taiwan that infuriated China. The Chinese have tried to isolate Taiwan, Pelosi...

Taliban: Two civilians killed in bomb blast in Afghanistan

Saturday, 06 August 2022 | AP | Islamabad

A bomb hidden in a cart went off on Friday near a mosque in a minority Shiite neighbourhood of the Afghan capital, killing two civilians and wounding another three, a Taliban official said. According to Khalid Zadran, the Taliban-appointed spokesman for the Kabul police chief, the attack happened in western...

UN experts: North Korea paving way for new nuke tests

Saturday, 06 August 2022 | AP | United Nations

UN experts say North Korea is paving the way for additional nuclear tests with new preparations at its northeastern test site and continues to develop its capability to produce a key ingredient for nuclear weapons. The experts also said in key excerpts from their latest report obtained late Thursday by The...

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