Bengaluru is leader

Wednesday, 05 Jul 2017 | PNS

Today’s youth are making winning careers in IT and allied services sector. From innovation to thoughtful leadership, technology is the key for the future investment. In the contemporary world economy, the IT sector in India is the second largest exporter of technology services. What indicates the development of this sector is...

CS result to be out today

Wednesday, 05 Jul 2017 | PNS

The result of computer-based-examination for Company Secretaries Foundation Programme held in June 2017 is scheduled to be declared at 11 am on Wednesday July 5, 2017 through the website of the institute www.icsi.edu. The result along with subject-wise break-up of marks and e-Result-cum-Marks statement will be made available on the...

Free mock test

Wednesday, 05 Jul 2017 | PNS

The Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd. (TIME), India’s leading test-prep institute is conducting free All-India Mock CAT Exam (AIMCAT), a scholarship test on July 9, 2017. This test is available in the invigilated mode and the non-invigilated mode. It will be conducted at numerous locations across the country...

Lecture at IGNOU

Wednesday, 05 Jul 2017 | PNS

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), the world’s largest open university, has exempted the fees of transgender students for all its programmes,” announced Prof Ravindra Kumar, Vice Chancellor of the university during his address at the 22nd Prof G Ram Reddy Lecture at university headquarters in Delhi. Earlier, Prof Ravindra...

New course launched

Wednesday, 05 Jul 2017 | PNS

Realising the growing need of skilled employees in the IT industry and as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Skill India Vision, India’s leading hardware and networking institute Jetking took digital education a notch higher with the launch of its digital courses in association with Microsoft. This certification course will...

Transform learning

Wednesday, 05 Jul 2017 | Mitsuyo Tamai

Information Communication Technology learning plays a dynamic role not only in a student’s academic growth but recognises the child’s cognitive, social and emotional development significantly, says Mitsuyo Tamai The beauty of learning is that it holds much scope for flexibility, adaptability, and innovation. Technology intervention has caused a paradigm shift in...

‚ÄėAim to make learning fun‚Äô

Wednesday, 05 Jul 2017 | Hardik Shah

VISHAL KATOCH speaks to Hardik Shah about how syllabus-based digital education will help students with basic knowledge What is the USP of E-Class education system? We have developed syllabus-based digital educational content, which is available in regional languages like Hindi, Urdu, and Marathi and Hinglish along with English. Our K-10 content can...


Wednesday, 05 Jul 2017 | Prof RSS MANI

Higher Education in India is going through a positive transformation since the expectations are on the rise and the regulatory mechanisms are becoming more stringent . Both the engineering and the MBA programmes in their current format have reached saturation point and need to be reinvented for survival in the long...


Wednesday, 05 Jul 2017 | PNS

L’Orťal India invites women students to apply for the 14th edition of its For Young Women in Science Scholarship (FYWIS) Programme. As a part of the programme, the scholarships worth Rs 250,000 each will be given to 50 promising but economically disadvantaged women to help them complete their graduation in...

Study centres

Wednesday, 05 Jul 2017 | PNS

The word Agronomy has been derived from the Greek words agros (field) and nomos (management). It is a branch of agricultural science which looks at the integrated and holistic view of agriculture. The job involves increasing the output of crops keeping in view preservation of soil, water and ecosystem. A...



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Of 4,862 large dams, only 349 have emergency disaster action plans: CAG

23 Jul 2017 | IANS | New Delhi

Only 349 of 4,862 India's large dams have emergency disaster action plans in place, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India's performance report on flood control and management schemes of the Water Resources Ministry has revealed. "Out of 4,862 large dams, emergency action plans or disaster management plans of only 349 dams, which is seven per cent, were prepared (March 2016)...

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Minister offers Rs 50K to RIMS laxity victim

25 Jul 2017 | PNS | ranchi

Health, Medical Education and Family Planning Department Minister Ramchandra Chandravanshi offered Gudia Bai a monetary assistance of Rs 50,000 in his personal capacity on Monday and pledged the best available medical treatment to her apart from grant of Rs 12,000 for a toilet at his home after he visited to Sadar Hospital to see the ailing lady under treatment. Chandravanshi also said that the doctor in RIMS had already been suspended...

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