They faced bullets too for the country

Monday, 06 Jan 2014 | Anirban Ganguly | in Oped

Freedom-fighters of the pre-Gandhian phase have largely received a raw deal in history. It is time for us to remember their sacrifices As the West prepares to mark the centenary of World War I in 2014, we would do well in India to observe the centenary of other efforts undertaken by...

Samajwadi Party going downhill

Monday, 06 Jan 2014 | Biswajeet Banerjee | in Oped

The Akhilesh Yadav regime has failed. The political vacuum created with the fall of the BSP Government in Uttar Pradesh is being filled by the BJP. Narendra Modi’s successful rallies across the State are a pointer to that The Samajwadi Party finds itself at a crossroads. It is not because of...

Should India take proactive stand on Syria?

Saturday, 04 Jan 2014 | Swarn Kumar Anand | in Oped

New Delhi’s willingness to take part in Geneva II may seem like an appeasement of the Sunni Arab world in their efforts to kill the waxing Shia crescent in the bud. Therefore, India must clarify that its decision is born out of concerns to safeguard our national interests and to...

Importance of Iran’s participation in Geneva II

Saturday, 04 Jan 2014 | M Mahtab Alam Rizvi | in Oped

Syria has become a battleground for geopolitics. Several players in the crisis want to prolong it to grind their axe. Tehran is at a crossroads: it cannot dump Assad nor can it protect him alone The socio-political changes in West Asia over the past two years, which began in Tunisia and...

Not the next Stuxnet victim

Friday, 03 Jan 2014 | Sameer Patil | in Oped

Unless India improves its cyber defence capabilities, the country’s critical national infrastructure — oil pipelines, steel plants and nuclear reactors — will be vulnerable to the kind of attack that damaged the Iranian nuclear programme In today’s world, when most computers are linked to the World Wide Web, the threats posed...

Fighting polio to the finish

Friday, 03 Jan 2014 | Gary CK Huang | in Oped

Eradicating this disease is Delhi’s biggest public health achievement since 1947, writes Gary CK Huang On January 13, India will complete three years without reporting a single new case of the wild polio virus since a girl was found infected in the Howrah district of West Bengal on the same day...

A paradigm shift in politics, now possible

Friday, 03 Jan 2014 | Kalyani Shankar | in Oped

The biggest event of the year will the general election in May. Whichever party or alliance is elected, it will have a lot of problems to fix What does the crystal ball say about the year 2014? It looks to be unpredictable and one of political shocks and economic shifts. Broadly...

Deal effectively with construction waste

Friday, 03 Jan 2014 | Papia Samajdar | in Oped

The recent controversy over sand mining has put the spotlight on the need for recycle and reuse of waste generated during the building of new structures. The construction industry in India is booming, already a 10 per cent of the GDP, and is growing at an outstanding rate of 10...

Building our natural consciousness

Wednesday, 01 Jan 2014 | Prerna Singh Bindra | in Oped

Environmental issues, which touch and impact every aspect of our lives, have failed to stir the public conscience, impact mainstream concerns and inspire action. A healthy environment is our collective responsibility The resolve for this column to have an optimistic spin — given that it is delivered to you on New...

Education should be a priority in 2014

Wednesday, 01 Jan 2014 | Meeta W Sengupta | in Oped

A country in search of growth must invest in education. However, Government investments in this field have not influenced voting patterns. This needs to change It is a universally acknowledged truth that a country in search of growth must invest in education. It is also the year of the elections, where...


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