Rabi Ray: A man of integrity, principles

Tuesday, 04 Apr 2017 | Devender Singh | in Oped

He was a Speaker in the now fast vanishing tribe of presiding officers who shunned partisan politics and became neutral once they assumed this high position Rabi Ray, born on November 26, 1926, in a village in Puri district of Odisha, exited this world on March 7, 2017. He was the...

For Netaji Bose, women force mattered

Tuesday, 04 Apr 2017 | SWAGATA SINHA ROY AND DK BUDAKOTI | in Oped

There is a great deal of debate today on whether women should be inducted into the Armed Forces in combat role. Netaji Bose had brought women into his INA decades ago, write SWAGATA SINHA ROY AND DK BUDAKOTI Today, India has women officers in its Armed Forces, including as pilots. ...

Time to get real on China policy

Monday, 03 Apr 2017 | Sumit Jha | in Oped

Beijing's warnings to India over the Lama’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh underlines the fact that political efforts on part of both countries have not made much headway. This raises fundamental questions about the future of strategic relationship between the two countries The divide between India and China is widening by the...

Decoding patterns of intellectual tradition

Monday, 03 Apr 2017 | Vinayshil Gautam | in Oped

Battles happening at educational institutes in the country have their roots in the British approach of moderating lives, where the liberals moved to set up their preserve There is something about our social narrative which escapes attention, at least in terms of emphasis and projection. Two domains can be identified for...

Evolving needs of healthcare

Monday, 03 Apr 2017 | Karan Thakur | in Oped

As a Brookings study indicates, catastrophic health expenses are on a rise in India. Mere price control and increased coverage ideas will not help overcome challenges. Quality, outcomes and reliability must be central to our efforts The country has witnessed a significant increase in health insurance coverage across population groups. A...

The unwanted minority of Af-Pak!

Saturday, 01 Apr 2017 | Makhan Saikia | in Oped

There is nothing new about the sectarian conflicts and subsequent death of thousands in Afghanistan and Pakistan. But who suffers the most in both the countries are none other than Hazaras. The two main radical groups which are actively and consistently engaged in massive killing of Hazaras in Pakistan are...

Ways to make post-oil transition smooth

Saturday, 01 Apr 2017 | Nalin Kumar Mohapatra | in Oped

A perplexing question confronting both the energy policymakers as well as academics is whether the world is entering into a “post-oil” phenomenon. This question has been repeatedly raised over the years because of the growing demand for renewable energy (RE) in different parts of the world. Along with this, a...

Rex factor: A new America can engage Dragon

Saturday, 01 Apr 2017 | Manan Dwivedi | in Oped

Is it that the American foreign policy rigmarole has decided to go beyond the idea of a Euro-centric world which has already taken a backseat with American Secretary of State Rex Tillerson skipping his NATO meet and meeting the Chinese counterpart of President Trump? The state of the nation is...

Learning the art of architecture

Thursday, 30 Mar 2017 | Chitrangada Bisht | in Oped

Architects play a key role in determining the sustainability of a project. They must, therefore, utilise technology to enhance their designs instead of letting technologies govern their designs. A right combination of passive and active design strategies will minimise resource use The architecture of India has evolved through centuries. It ...

A linguistic, cultural outlook to English

Thursday, 30 Mar 2017 | Avatans Kumar | in Oped

In this technological world, both, linguistic and cultural awareness have become sine qua non for the communication process to be completed As a student, I took a summer job in the US, where one of my responsibilities was to answer incoming telephone calls. In midst of a telephonic conversation, the voice...


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