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The social inclusion of art

Sunday, 19 Mar 2017 | AVANTIKA BOSE | in Agenda

Renowned artist Shombit Sengupta discusses with AVANTIKA BOSE what values Indians could inculcate in their art, whose works fascinate him, and why and how art is forever Shombit Sengupta is a renowned French artist of Indian origin who has participated in shows in Louvre in Paris, Venice, Milan, and Tokyo. On...

Learn the gaming rules of life

Sunday, 19 Mar 2017 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo | in Agenda

Relationship is the mirror in which the individual-self’s personality trends are revealed. Given that the living world is framed as an interdependent organism, it is important for us to relate well to those around even for the sake of our bare survival. For, no individual is ever born capable of...

Beware, adulterants can spoil your Holi fun

Sunday, 12 Mar 2017 | Dr Saurabh Arora | in Agenda

During the festival season, adulterators take advantage of the rise in demand of certain food items to make quick profits, writes Dr Saurabh Arora Holi celebrations are vibrant and colourful and incomplete without partaking of traditional eats like gujiya, thandai, papad and other savoury snacks. However, these celebrations can be ruined...

Protect your skin from toxic colours

Sunday, 12 Mar 2017 | Dr Shobha Gupta | in Agenda

Traditionally, flowers and herbs were used to make colours but now harsh chemicals and dyes have replaced them, writes Dr Shobha Gupta Holi the festival of colours brings joy and fun. As we get into the spirit of this festival it is important to be watchful about the protection of your...

Watch your desire trends

Sunday, 12 Mar 2017 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo | in Agenda

Sayatha Kamo bhavati, tata karma kurute, Yata Karma kurute, tadabhi sampatyati. Literal translation of the above verse from Brihadaranyaka Upanishad comes out as: “You are what your deep driving desire is; As your desire is, so is your will; As your will is, so are your deeds; As your deeds...

The institution of Emperor in Japan

Sunday, 05 Mar 2017 | Rajaram Panda | in Agenda

There are kings and queens elsewhere in the world and they are called royals but not an Emperor. This makes Japan’s Imperial system unique, writes Rajaram Panda Japan is a special country in several ways. For centuries, it remained isolated and disconnected with the outside world. But once it opened itself...

Sahitya Akademi’s literary fiesta

Sunday, 05 Mar 2017 | AKSHITA RAWAT | in Agenda

Several myths were retold in the session, with the linkage of nature to the creation myths, writes Akshita Rawat With the spirit of preserving language and culture, Sahityakala Parishad’s annual “Festival of Letters”, a five-day long fest, began on February 21 and culminated on February 26. The theme and focus of...

A splendid and educational treatise

Sunday, 26 Feb 2017 | AVANTIKA BOSE | in Agenda

This book’s design is mesmerising. The numerous visual details give this book a kinetic air than a static presence. It puts the spotlight on innovative designers, who are infusing traditional textiles with contemporary sensibilities, writes AVANTIKA BOSE The author of this prolific book Unfolding: Contemporary Indian Textiles,Maggie Baxter is an...

Lord Shiva is existence personified

Sunday, 26 Feb 2017 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo | in Agenda

The faithful devout were making offerings to Lord Shiva on the solemn occasion of Shivaratri last Friday. Around the same time, the political discourse during the ongoing State election was seen hitting its bottommost low. In fact, it lacked any sense of civility, sanity, and propriety. Those at the helm...

Temi: Sikkim’s own tea story

Sunday, 19 Feb 2017 | Somen Sengupta | in Agenda

Feel the bliss of silence, writes SOMEN SENGUPTA as he takes the route to Temi that passes through the hills enveloped under the cool and dark shadows of thick pine and oak The popular notion is that Sikkim has no great story of tea plantation like Assam or Bengal do. The...



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State lags behind in education status, reveals ASER report

17 Jan 2018 | PRAGYA PALLAVI | Ranchi

Annual Status of Education Report (ASER-2017) released on Tuesday covering 28 districts of 24 States on ‘Beyond Basics’- A survey of rural India youths, presented a gloomy picture of Jharkhand on a few basic parameters in comparison with the districts of Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh. The survey based on 4 As (Activity, Ability, Awareness, Aspirations) covering the age group 14-18 years, Jharkhand lags behind in enrollment status, digital use,...

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