Tea time

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Tea time

Saturday, 16 December 2017 | Team Viva

Tea time

The luscious leaves are not supposed to be stored in a kitchen as they tend to capture the essence of everything when brewed, shares Anamika Singh, during an exotic appreciation session with Team Viva

Tea sommelier Anamika Singh has made a virtue of classifying the brew in unique ways. Thanks to her, many of us know which kind of tea to have at what time of the day. In an exotic appreciation session, she taught us how to “power up and down” with teas, an approach designed to cater to the modern business traveller.

Very few people are aware of the meticulous art of brewing tea. Said Singh, “Each tea requires an ideal amount of time for the leaves to infuse and harmonise with water. It is not supposed to be stored in the kitchen as it tends to capture the essence of everything.” Singh believes that “water is the mother of tea.” During summers, a light brew of cold rose petals, lemongrass, fennel or pomegranate is the best. For winters, tea made from  camellia sinensis plant which has  gone through a relatively short fermentation process is the best. It activates an enzyme responsible for dissolving triglycerides.

The right tea, feels Singh, can build the mood for a drinker to share their deepest feelings and emotions.

The white tea

It is also known as the silver needle which is hand plucked and sun-dried. The white tea has subtle notes of sweetness and calms your senses. It has a light yellow colour with a refreshing aroma. Considered to be a luxurious tea, the water is boiled to 80° celsius and infused for 5 minutes.

Tisane tea

The most interesting fact of this variety is that it contains no tea leaves. It uses botanicals including flowers, fruits, buds, stems, roots, barks and seeds. It is generally caffeine-free and has potent flavours. A mix of jasmine and chamomile, tisane tea has an enchanting smell and is perfect before bedtime.

The Christmas tea

The season special has notes of star anise, cinnamon and berries. The scent is captivating, creating a festive aura.

The English breakfast

It is a blend of up to three different black teas derived from various places, including Sri lanka, India and Kenya. It is robust and a full-bodied beverage. It has a gentle fragrance and helps kickstart your day.

The Russian breakfast tea

It has a citrusy flavour and is amber coloured, reminding you of dazzling sunsets. It evokes an ambience of romance and love, setting a tone for a relaxing evening after an exhausting day.

The Matcha green tea

The tea has garnered popularity and is trending as a delicacy among culinary experts. The tea traces its origin back to Japan and has the highest amount of caffeine and antioxidants. It is extremely bitter and has an earthy taste.

Crush tear and curl (CTC) tea

The tea bush is indigenous to India and is considered a medicinal plant with many health benefits. This technique produces a blend that is had mostly.  

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