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Analyse opportunities

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Analyse opportunities

Wednesday, 10 July 2019 | Amit Goyal

Analyse opportunities

There are many options for those who want to pursue finance. Amit goyal shares tips that can help students choose the right course

If you are interested in finance, banking, investment, research, statistics and economics, then becoming an equity research analyst is the best opportunity for you. You can build a bright future in the field of finance, if you opt to become an equity research analyst.

Equity Research Analyst is someone who does in-depth study about the financial information of the company, reviews stocks, bonds and other equity and finance related instruments of the company. Equity Research Analyst prepares report about the company’s financial status, gives output about the firm’s image in the financial market, analyses the company’s profit and loss, and gives optimum suggestions to uplift the company if the company faces loss. Or in other words we can say that equity research analyst act as the search engine of any firm’s financial department because they studies deeply about all the financial matters like to buy, sell or hold the shares of the firm and others. and determines gain and loss status of the organisation.

Nature of work

While working one has to focus on two broad categories in the financial sector — Sell Side and Buy Side. Sell Side deals with the brokerage houses, providing service to the retail clients and Buy Side deals with the research firms and investment banks.

Qualification and courses

If you are heading your step forward in fulfilling your dream to become an Equity Research Analyst it is not mandatory to complete your studies in financial discipline, one who is from Arts or Science discipline can also enter in this sector. One must have keen interest in accounts, economics, financial markets and other finance related issues. One must know how to communicate well, and should have flawless command over English. In some foreign markets local language is also needed so in such case knowledge of foreign language will put stars in your career.

Mostly companies prefer to hire students who have completed their graduation in BCom, MBA in finance, Chartered Accountants and engineers in the post of equity research analyst but one who graduated from any field will also can do global PG diploma in Banking and Finance and make their career in this field. 

Duties of an Equity Analyst

Being dutiful is the first and the foremost task for a person working in any field. There are some duties that are assigned to an equity research analyst as well. These are reviewing stocks, doing equity research, Analysing and summarising financial statement, and economy and others.


One can find best opportunities in bank, brokerage firms, credit rating industries, banking and financial services industry, private equity firms, mutual funds, consulting firms as research analyst, private equity analyst, private equity manager, portfolio manager and others.


An equity research analyst can earn more than Rs 6 lakh per annum. This is good enough for someone to live a stable and joyful life while you are stepping forward to polish your career. As soon as you gain experience in this field there are huge chances for your salary increment.

Expert advice

Global PG diploma in banking and finance is the international banking and finance program which can help students to blaze like the brightest star in the banking and finance industry. Students having strong interest in economics, statistics, and research can easily achieve heights in this sector.

The writer is Director, TKWs Institute of Banking & Finance

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