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Sunday, 21 April 2024 | RUPALI DEAN


You may have indulged in chicken lettuce wraps at various Asian eateries, yet the pioneering credit belongs to P.F. Chang's. Established by Paul Flemming and Philip Chiang, the inaugural establishment debuted in 1993 in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has since grown exponentially - boasting over 300 locations worldwide. Now, the Asian dining spot taps the Delhi NCR market with Chang's first outlet opening at DLF Cyberhub in Gurugram

What can guests look forward to? 'A joyful experience cantered on life, family, and delicious food,' as described by Ramit Mittal, Executive Chairman & Director of Gourmet Investments Pvt Ltd, who brought this renowned Asian dining destination to the country first in Mumbai this year, complete with all its distinctive features, be it in the ambiance or the cuisine. As you enter P.F. Chang's, you're greeted by the iconic statue of a horse, symbolizing strength and loyalty. Once inside, you'll be surrounded by the classic red and gold décor, featuring a dragon, katana, and a cherry blossom tree. The open kitchen allows you to witness the chefs skilfully working at the woks, while the lively bar area offers an array of colourful and inviting beverages to explore. Indulge in the culinary delights with their iconic OG Chang's Lettuce Wraps and a tantalizing array of signature dishes like Dynamite Prawns, Chang's Spicy Chicken and Kung Pao Chicken, all paying homage to Cecelia Chiang's culinary legacy. Setting a new standard for Indian diners, P.F. Chang's in India stands out by offering a range of vegetarian and Jain options besides an entire new range of sushi delights, steamed dumplings and entrees. I was particularly impressed by the exquisite flavours of the Asparagus and Peas Dumplings, the boldness of the Singaporean street-style noodles, and the unique twist of the Samba Roll. Noteworthy is the brand's dedication to healthy dining by abstaining from MSG in their dishes. Complete your gastronomic journey with the sumptuous Banana Spring Rolls and the decadent 6-layer chocolate masterpiece, aptly named The Great Wall of Chocolate. P.F. Chang's upholds a 200-year-old legacy of Mandarin-style wok cooking. According to the restaurant, this ancient method involves utilizing a wok over intense heat of about 700 degrees Celsius. This technique is said to preserve the taste, texture, and nutrients of the ingredients while ensuring a perfect sear and retention of moisture in the food and showcases their commitment to upholding the 'Always served with honor' food philosophy, demonstrated through signature dishes such as the Spicy Kimchi Fried Rice, and Mongolian Tenderloin.

Describing the process akin to a graceful dance rather than mere cooking, the precision and skill involved make it a culinary poetry in motion. Teetotallers should go for the interesting carafes like the Zen Garden Passion fruit Mojito. However, for those seeking a lift in spirits, the restaurant will be offering an enticing cocktail menu. Featuring a range of classics like Margaritas, and innovative mixes of gin and whiskey, there's a libation to delight every taste bud and complement the Asian cuisine perfectly. Standout options include the likes of Midnight in Shanghai and Japanese Old Fashioned. Mittal highlights that the experience transcends typical Asian dining; it's a hub for memorable celebrations. Whether it's a milestone like a 50th birthday or a simple gathering to honour a friend's career move, the restaurant elevates every occasion with a touch of elegance. Expect golden table mats, specialized chopsticks, and unique candle holders that add a luxurious flair to your dining experience.

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