Don’T worry be happy

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Don’T worry be happy

Tuesday, 16 April 2019 | Vrinda Mehta

Don’T worry be happy

Vrinda mehta tells you how to live a stress-free life by following simple steps

A healthy diet and regular exercise are not enough to ensure good health and wellbeing of individuals. People strive to adapt a healthy lifestyle, yet there is a great rise in lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, PCOD, anxiety, depression. The undefeated reason behind this is stress.

Stress simply means that our own thoughts and emotions are not in our control. If we are unable to maintain the ease in our system, disease is bound to manifest us. Our system works optimally when there is pleasantness within. There can be no health without happiness. It is a known fact today that mental stress and depression are the new epidemics on the rise. According to the WHO predictions, depression and anxiety will be the biggest diseases to afflict mankind by 2020. In the race for earning more money and being more successful, people have lost touch with who they really are and their own happiness.

Today, science has proven that our minds, our thoughts, our emotions, play a vital role in every aspect of our physical life. If you are mentally stressed and unhappy, each and every cell of your body feels it and hence you cannot remain physically fit and healthy for long. This is a medically proven fact. Men and women of mid age suffer from stress and anxiety due to various professional and personal goals. To curb this issue The Mind Programme was introduced.

This programme has been conceptualised to help individuals realise that happiness lies within oneself. How one can enjoy living their life by truly becoming stress-free. The aim is to teach individuals the science and art of being happy. The programme is especially devised for men and women suffering from professional/personal pressure and responsibilities. To be part of the Mrs India Inc, a beauty pageant for married women means teaching mid aged women burdened with responsibilities how to be happy and remain calm in stressful situations. The contestants of this pageant are trained because women representing India must know how to retain their calm, embrace happiness and be stress free at crucial stages.

The programme is broken down into a  three-hour session where the technique of manifesting good health and fitness, abundant wealth, happy relationships and a successful career, without stress are taught. Individuals are trained to create their own happiness within themselves, which is not dependent on any external factor.

The programme is like sitting in meditation and doing pranayama. You visualise whatever you want as something that’s already done. So if you’re aiming to be 56 kg, you visualise yourself wearing that pair of jeans that you want to fit into it. The idea is to practice it for 15 minutes every morning.

The writer is Mrs India World’s Mind Coach

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