Awareness needed to reduce kidney diseases: Experts

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Awareness needed to reduce kidney diseases: Experts

Friday, 15 March 2019 | Staff Reporter | RAIPUR

Dau Kalyan Singh (DKS) Super Speciality Hospital, Raipur organised a seminar in its premises to mark ‘World Kidney Day’ on Thursday to create awareness among people about renal diseases.

Superintendent of the hospital Dr K. K. Sahare said theme of this year’s seminar was ‘Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere’.

Around 850 million persons are currently affected by various kidney diseases in the world and a whopping 2.4 million die every year due to renal failure. 

Spreading awareness among people is a must so that timely treatment can be provided to minimise the deaths, Sahare said.

Director, Medical Education Dr S L Adile said, “Diabetes and hypertension are key reasons for kidney diseases.” 

Dieticians told the gathering about the suitable diets for a kidney patient. 

Citing a few examples, they said salt with high potassium fruits like banana and orange should not be taken.

Dr Neelam of Nephrology department gave brief on kidney and its diseases.

Key speaker senior nephrologist Dr Shubha Dubey said, “Obesity is one of the major reasons for the disease. Dietician should also take care to provide right diet to such patients. Smoking and hard-water creates problems. Salty water generates possibility of kidney stone. Kidney failure occurs if one has high blood pressure or infection in kidney, stone formation or due to excessive use of painkillers.”

She pointed out in Chhattisgarh for kidney patients there is lack of resources and facilities so more emphasis should be laid on creating awareness. Hospital management distributed fruits to the patients, on the occasion.