Commercial complexes, offices told fix ACs on 24-26 degree

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Commercial complexes, offices told fix ACs on 24-26 degree

Wednesday, 21 August 2019 | PNS | Dehradun

Following the directive of the Union government, the state administration has asked all the commercial buildings and offices to keep the temperature of the air conditioning between 24-26 degree Celsius. The exercise is the part of nationwide drive undertaken by the ministry of Power, Government of India on energy conservation.

In a circular directed to all the additional chief secretaries, principal secretaries and secretaries the Power secretary Radhika Jha said that Bureau of Energy Efficiency, ministry of Power has issued guidelines on energy conservation in building space cooling through recommended optimum temperature setting. The guideline mentions that it is generally seen that in offices and commercial installations the temperature of AC is normally kept at 20- 21 degree Celsius even as it is a common knowledge that temperature of 24- 26 degree Celsius is comfortable for everyone. The circular claims that one degree increase in temperature reduces power consumption by six percent. In her letter Jha said that for energy conservation and its optimum utilisation all the departments of state, institutions and organisation should be sensitive. She added that efficient management of the electricity would help in reducing damage caused to the environment and result in financial savings.

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