Rainfall activity to resume from Sept 12

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Rainfall activity to resume from Sept 12

Wednesday, 11 September 2019 | PNS | Ranchi

There are chances of some showers across Jharkhand from September 12 onwards. With a new rain bearing system forming, there is good news for the farmers as well.

As per to the MET Observatory Centre Ranchi, there are not much chances of showers on September 11 and only few places across Jharkhand can witness light rain.

“The low pressure system has now moved towards central India. There is no major system also forming for till September 12. Thereafter, not heavy but fairly wide spread rainfall is being expected,” said Senior Scientist, MET Observatory Centre- Ranchi, Dr. RS Sharma.

According to the weathermen, there could be an increase in the rainfall activity with fairly widespread showers from September 12 to September 15. “It is possible that the trough line will be again active resulting in an increase in the rainfall activity. There are not much chances of any adverse weather conditions but still light to moderate rainfall at wide spread places is possible,” Sharma added.

A trough is not a major system but is just a light rain bearing system. It causes light to moderate rain activity and not heavy showers.

“The trough line is now shifting towards the north. Hence, in the northern and north eastern parts of Jharkhand monsoon is again likely to be active because places where the trough line is, there is an increase in the rain fall activity Districts in the central and southern parts of Jharkhand will have less rain as compared to the districts adjoining the state of Bihar which will receive good amount of rain,” said Sharma.

There are chances of lighting and some thunder activity on September 11 and September 12 as it has been partly cloudy with the temperature also rising on September 10. From June 1 to September 10, Jharkhand has received a total of 643.5 mm of rain as compared to the ideal amount which should have been 909.5 mm.

“There are presently no systems forming for an improvement in the rain deficit in Jharkhand. The deficit will only be recovered when there is more than normal rain fall across the State,” the scientist further added.

As of on September 10, Jharkhand has a rain deficit of 29 percent. For farmers the conditions are quite favourable as the spell of light to moderate rainfall has been continuous for the past few days.

“With the continuous rainfall activity of the past one week, at the moment the moisture content in soil is alright across the State.

Since after two- three days, some rain activity is again expected, this will help in maintaining the soil moisture and also fulfill the water requirements. Sufficient amount of rain is being received for agriculture,” said Sharma.

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