Route to be diverted today for Muharram procession

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Route to be diverted today for Muharram procession

Tuesday, 10 September 2019 | PNS | DEHRADUN

On Tuesday evening, the police will divert traffic on various routes during the time of Muharram procession. Dehradun Senior Superintendent of Police, Arun Mohan Joshi, stated that officers concerned have been briefed about the security measures. The focus will be on keeping the peace and harmony throughout the procession. For proper traffic management and other necessary precautions required forces have been provided to the police stations concerned. In addition to that the meeting with community representatives has already been held.

During the time of procession the three wheeler Vikrams on route numbers two, three, five and eight will be diverted before Survey Chowk. When the procession starts from Karnpur, vehicles going from Eucalyptus Chowk towards Survey Chowk will be diverted towards Clock Tower. When the procession from Survey Chowk moves towards Rozgaar t-junction, the traffic moving from Survey Chowk towards Lansdowne Chowk will be diverted towards Cross Road. At the same time vehicles from Araghar Chowk will be sent towards Survey Chowk in intervals.

Vehicles going from Orient Chowk towards Clock Tower will be sent towards Kanak Chowk. Vehicles will be stopped from coming towards Orient Chowk. Similarly vehicles will not be permitted from Buddha Chowk to Darshanal Chowk. Before the procession reaches Tehsil Chowk, the traffic coming from Prince Chowk will be diverted at Drona Hotel cut. From there it will be sent towards Doon Chowk. Vehicles will not be permitted towards Tehsil Chowk. As soon as the procession passes the traffic situation will be normalised. District police have requested citizens to follow the diversion plan to avoid inconvenience.

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