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Tribal singing, Purulia Chhau dance performed at Tribal Museum

| | Bhopal
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Tribal singing, Purulia Chhau dance performed at Tribal Museum

Monday, 26 August 2019 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Under Uttaradhikar series Gond tribal singing and Purulia Chhau Dance were performed at Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum on Sunday.

The programme started with 'Gond tribal singing' by Rup Singh Kusharam (Dindori) along with his fellow artists. The artists started the singing performance by presenting the song 'Jai Godan Ke Dev Bada Bhari, Ai Ho Bade Dev Sab Godan Ke' presenting their artistic singing skills.

The artists then performed the song 'Ya Ghoda La Sandhe Bhai'. Roop Singh Kusharam paused his singing performance by presenting the song 'Dadra Ma Gaon Basay' with his fellow artists.

During singing, Rup Singh Kusharam was accompanied by Charan Kusharam on the mandal, Makhan Lal on Timki, Devi Singh in flute playing and Chan Singh, Girwar Singh, Bihari Singh, Shantibai, Madiabai, Bajaribai and Narbadia in singing.

After Gond tribal singing Vidhi Sharma (New Delhi) along with his fellow artists presented 'Ritu Leela Gayan' focusing on Krishnagaman. Vidhi Sharma started her presentation with the song 'Josida Ne Lakh Badhai Ab Ghar Aaye Shyam' which is a composition of  Meera Bai. She then performed the songs 'Nand Dware ik Jogi Aayo' composed by Surdas, 'Dekho Ri Ya Mukut Ki Latkan' and 'Sri Lal Kachu Keijai Bhojan' composed by Parmanandas that left the audience mesmerised.

 The artists then enchanted all the listeners by presenting the song 'Gaia Govardhan Tain Aayi' composed by Kumbhandas. Vidhi wrapped up her performance with 'Jhoola Radha-Krishna' focusing on devine relationship between Radha-Krishna.

During the singing performance, Vidhi Sharma was accompanied by Ghulam Sabir on the tabla, Javed Hussain on the keyboard and Satish Solanki on percussion. Vidhi Sharma has been active in the field of singing. Vidhi Sharma has given many singing performances at various art forums of the country.

After singing performances, Srishtidhar Mahato (Ranchi) performed 'Purlia Chhau Lok Nritya' with his fellow artists. In this dance performance, the artists, with their artistic dances, from Krishna's birth to Kansa slaughter, presented the events to the audience present in the auditorium.

The dance performance began with Krishna's birth in imprisonment, followed by the theme of Krishna's child pastimes. Finally, the slaughter of Kansa by Krishna was presented by the artists in the Purlia Chhau folk dance style.

The dancers on stage mesmerised the audience present in the auditorium with their artistic acting skills during the dance performance.

During the presentation the dancers were accompanied by Ravi Sahis on Dholak, Bharat Mahato on Nagara, Mantu Kalindi on Shehnai. Srishtidhar Mahato has been honored with many prestigious honors and awards.

Srishtidhar Mahato has given many enticing performances of Purlia Chhau folk dance at various art forums of the country.

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