God can help us each time

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God can help us each time

Sunday, 06 January 2019 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

God can help us each time

The smallest and biggest of repetitive problems that human beings deal with in their daily lives can be solved by God. All one needs to do is to keep faith and have patience, writes AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

I am only repeating what Lord Krishna told Arjuna in the Gita, when He stated, “Having My consciousness, you will cross all impediments by My grace.” God can give such an assurance because He is omnipotent. Such is the cosmic design. God is very compassionate; He has not created us as helpless beings. It won’t be logical if it was so, Him being our father. Anyone can always approach Him for guidance and help and God will oblige.

However, there is a process to do so. This is not like a wishlist that we have for God to grant us; this is different. Let me use an example will clarify. A person is in a serious mess and he doesn’t know what to do. He is obsessed with it and is suffering. Arjuna exemplifies such a person. Arjuna was depressed; he was affected by compassion; his eyes were full of tears; and he was suffering. Why? Because he did not wish to kill his relatives though his duty demanded that he did. We can find many instances in our lives when we feel that we have been boxed into a corner and have nowhere to go. God is never helpless; there is nothing in this world which can tax His unlimited resources.

The following information is extremely valuable to all of us. This is what we need to do to gain God’s help. We must wholeheartedly agree to follow God’s instructions like Arjuna did. Arjuna told the Lord, “O Krishna, I will follow Your instructions.” This includes performing all duties as indicated by God. We cannot be whimsical about doing some part and leaving another. And God’s help can only be prayed for after one has gotten into a difficult situation. This is not like buying insurance for a future problem. One can seek God’s help then and not now.

Why? Because God does not interfere in the working of the material nature as overseen by divine authorities. If He did that, He will make them toothless. These authorities are fully empowered to reward and punish us according to our deeds. But after a punishment has been given, God can help us to navigate out of it. Suppose someone has done a heinous crime and is now fully repentant. God can help him to deal with the punishment given. There is only one exception — God can but will not make anyone alive because death is a finality not an ongoing punishment. There are very few instances of God bringing a dead person to life. God restricts His help to an ongoing punishment like when someone is very sick.

However, doing what God expects us to do must come prior to expecting His help. This requires some serious preparation. It is not easy to accept God’s instructions. Arjuna had great difficulty. Lord Krishna convinced him on all issues but Arjuna’s ego came in the way in the end. The Lord had to warn him of dire consequences unless Arjuna came around. The same problem exists in being dutiful. If we all were dutiful, the world will be a wonderful place, but we aren’t. We go about in our whimsical ways. Then, we must be God conscious in order to tune into God’s guidance. And we must continue to be linked with God because we need His help throughout our lives.

Having done all that, one must be very patient. One cannot rush God. Neither can we impose any conditions on God. God is fully aware of everything. He acts when necessary and His help is always timely. Personally, I am repeatedly amazed at the solutions provided by Him. What I find the most striking about God’s help is that His solutions are mostly limited to what I can do as opposed to what others have to. God is waiting for all of us to properly approach Him. He is like a loving parent to all beings. Why don’t we approach Him?

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at spiritual@ajitbishnoi.com

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