It’s all pre-written

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It’s all pre-written

Saturday, 16 March 2019 | Ayushi Sharma

It’s all pre-written

Lawyer-turned-actress Shraddha Srinath says that the transition to performance arts from the world of statutes might seem drastic but it is a composition of talent, luck and destiny. By Ayushi Sharma

You don’t have to be from the industry to be good enough for a leading role material,” believes actress Shraddha Srinath who is gearing up for her Bollywood debut with Tigmanshu Dhulia’s venture, Milan Talkies.

The actress never planned to get into the film industry, however, she feels that she was destined to be a part of it.

She says, “I was someone who didn’t even know how to put a lipstick, I didn’t own a single one at that time. And this was when I was working as a lawyer. From there to now, it has been a lot of learning with each day.”

She says that It’s like always looking out for yourself because there’s nobody to tell you — do this or don’t do that, however there will be 100 of people instructing you that you should behave like this but at the end of the day how you take your decision, or what you think is right, is all what matters. “It’s like owning your business and handling it. I’m a business woman and I’m handling Shraddha Srinath enterprises,” she adds.

The actress who gained wide acclaim for her role in the Kannada psychological thriller U Turn, says that the transition into acting from the world of law might seem drastic, but she believes it is a composition of her talent, luck and destiny.

Incidentally, Milan Talkies is her first full-fledged romantic drama in her career. She describes it as a very filmy film. “As Bollywood as it can get. This will also show a different side of me to the audience who have only seen me in serious roles,” she says.

Talking about how she grabbed the role in the film, she tells us, “When I spoke to Tigmanshu, he asked me to enact a scene and send him my audition video. I couldn’t believe that it was actually happening. I’ve been a huge fan of his work right from the time I saw Haasil. It was a matter of five minutes, he called me and said you’re on. And I was so excited.”

With increasing competition in Bollywood, Shraddha doesn’t feel insecure at all. She says, “I’m not here to be a part of the race. I am in no rush. I will do the best that I can. And whoever see’s the potential in me may call me. I am actually quite happily busy in the south.”

It has been quite the transition for the actress with a new industry. But the actress is quite comfortable in Bollywood as she didn’t feel there was much of a change between the two industries. She explains, “Honestly, There’s no such difference, language is the only obvious difference. And they also vary in scale and but apparently not in content. Bollywood’s reach is much higher. But I must say each industry is equally professional. It depends on the director or the producer. So who’s heading the team matters the most. Industry really doesn’t matter at all. But I feel fortunate enough to work here because several people aspire to be a part of this industry, and I have achieved it.”

Shraddha who also stars in the Tamil remake of Pink, says that interestingly she hasn’t even watched the film yet. “Before I got selected for the film, every time when the topic would pop up, I say that I haven’t watched it. People were like you must watch it... And when I was finally the cast, they were like ‘ab toh’ you have to watch it. So I told them ‘ab toh I am definitely not going to watch it.’”

The actress is playing the role which Taapsee (Pannu) originally played. She says, “Taapsee has done an excellent job but while I shoot my part I don’t want to remember her performance. Now that I’m done with my part for the film. I am eager to watch it.”

Photo: Pankaj Kumar

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