‘Osho drugged, killed by coterie’

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‘Osho drugged, killed by coterie’

Saturday, 05 September 2020 | SP Singh | KATHMANDU

Osho was drugged and later killed by the corrupt coterie to grab Bhagwan’s property worth thousands of crore of rupees, said Maa Anand Shiela, the then Secretary to Osho in India and USA presently living inSwitzerland.  

Maa Anand Shiela revealed this and other shocking facts  while she interacted with Swami Anand Arun, the Coordinator of Osho Tapoban near Kathmandu in Nepal in Zoom television. 

In a two-hour talk with Swami Anand Arun, she further told that this all happened when she was jailed in a fake case for 39 month in US.

This coterie, in a nefarious design, shunted out about 1000 devotees of Osho from his Pune Ashram after his death to enable them to create a smooth channel to legalize their illegal work by altering trust and key management positions. 

Revealing further, she told that though Bhagwan left his body in 1990, but I scripted a book ‘Don’t Kill Him’.

The motive behind this book is not to suppress his compassion to the humanity while they are still engaged to suppress his works in the name of copyright and earning huge money from the royalty of books.

It was a part of huge conspiracy by some hidden powers on whose behest this coterie was working it included three to four persons in key positions around Osho.

The two stalwart Osho loyalists Maa Anand Shiela and Swami Anand Arun resolved to uplift Osho’s work by working under their spiritual master old names Bhagwan and Rajneesh if legal hassles are created by the corrupt coterie which has grabbed Osho’s proprties and still controlling from their new headquarters at Ireland told Swami Anand Arun. 

They adopted a new resolution to create a Osho Tsunami after the flood of Osho name in Nepal and other countries of the world. 

Swami Arun revealed that he warned Osho of this coterie’s design to kill him in Manali in 1986 but Osho said” Isme tum kya kar loge” and left the consequences to the divine. 

But despite all the ups and down during Osho’ about 20 years spiritual adventure Arun created over a dozen communes and 100 centers across the world. 


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