To connect is the key

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To connect is the key

Sunday, 02 February 2020 | Sumiran Annamaria Kashyap

To connect is the key

In part two of the ‘Cosmic heirloom’ series, Sumiran Annamaria Kashyap tells the readers how to establish the relationship of a lifetime with their crystals

It’s not just you looking for crystals. Sometimes, they’re looking for you. You might say, “I don’t think so much. I pick up a crystal because I think it looks pretty.” That’s perfectly fair and true! Whatever makes that crystal unique is probably within you too, which is why you’re able to recognise it. Indeed, every relationship with a crystal is not always about replenishment. It’s about nourishing and celebrating what’s already there, too.

This ‘piecing together’ that takes place at the time of the first encounter, is the beginning of the relationship. It includes the time you decide to look up the benefits of crystals, to pick the one(s) you want (need?). You can take advice from seasoned crystal workers; or more experienced family and friends. They’d also direct you to authentic sources to procure your crystals. As could your family jeweller, really!

I personally stay away from direct purchases online. Some of them may be undoubtedly genuine, but I prefer the reassuring energetic exchange with people who have made crystal therapy of any kind a lifestyle choice themselves.

Bringing your crystal home

It’s good to ‘clear the air’ so that a new crystal accommodates itself to the vibrations of your home easily — and to those of other crystals, if you’ve got them. As such, crystals are always excited to welcome one of their own. But being responsive entities, they can take on each other’s qualities. Clearing the air, by burning incense/loban, smudging sticks, or essential oil in a diffuser every time a new crystal ‘joins the ranks,’ ensures a fresh start. Later, you can figure if your new crystal needs to be able to hold its own, or if it can ‘live’ with another that has similar qualities.

The Raw v/s Tumbled Debate

Some people prefer to work with uncut, unpolished crystals because their raw energy is desired for its potency. Tumbled crystals — smaller, rounder and polished — are certainly easier to carry around and often what people opt for when new to crystals. Both kinds work in their own ways. Personally, I use larger, raw pieces for the house, smaller raw pieces for meditation and self-work; and I carry tumbled pieces like talismans in my pocket, or bag.

Storing crystals

It’s worth the effort to procure a proper wooden box, with compartments, depending on the number and size of crystals you own. Each one, or each ‘set’ of complementary crystals, can also have its own convenient drawstring pouch — cotton/muslin is a great material for this. Additionally, your crystal vendor should be able to give you these small, ring-like bases to prop your crystals on when you’re using them. They’re convenient, especially if the crystals are ball-like in shape.

You need to charge your crystals from time to time. Charging enhances the efficacy of crystals. But, it’s about basic respect, not just about making the stones work like machines. Even if you’re not using your crystals, charging them once every 7-10 days, especially during significant lunar phases, is a good way to make them feel at home with you. If you ever feel your crystals aren’t responding, maybe they’re feeling neglected. I will share the methods to recharge your crystals in the next column.

You don’t need to have a checklist of crystals to tick off from. It’s not a competition with other collectors . Above all, please don’t succumb to the ‘holier-than-thou’ trap! I’m often asked, “how will I know if my crystals are working?” My answer is, keep working and your crystals will work with and for you. Respect them. Be still in their presence. Everything will unravel from there.

The writer is a content creator (freelance) with deep interest in metaphysical healing and communication, divination tools and flower therapies

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