What matters in the long run

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What matters in the long run

Sunday, 05 July 2020 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

What matters in the long run

One must figure out what suits one’s nature, circumstances, available resources, while in quest for God, writes AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

The answer is quality of life. The word quality is defined as the standard of something when it is compared to other things like how good or bad something is. Why is quality of life all important? Because we are eternal souls and very small. This smallness is in comparison to God, whose parts we are, who is far too big to be really comprehended by the human brain. God is omnipresent. The Cosmic design does not allow us to ever get bigger, because these bigger souls will begin clashing for supremacy.

How can we improve our situation? The answer again is: we can improve the quality of our lives. Usefulness comes first. In this material world people are respected/given attention as long as they are useful. It is not possible to exist well on the basis of your laurels. That was earlier. This world is very cruel in this respect. Even the family members begin to treat those, who are no longer useful as burden. We cannot blame anyone for this, because there are always duties for everyone. In my case, if I spend a lot of time establishing a better connection with God by doing various spiritual practices, I am given respect for doing that. Rather my family feels more secure due to my spiritual acts. Following ‘dharma’ is very important for me. This defines my personality. Doing “paropkar” (good deeds by helping others) is similarly very satisfying to me, that is whatever I can do, limited as I am due to my resources.

Resources are important to me. I am still engaged in doing business. These resources allow me facilities and comforts, which are important to me. Essentially, I am a householder; becoming a sannayasi is not my goal in this life. Writing on spiritual topics, which relate to current events as far as possible gives me enormous satisfaction, because God is involved in this activity; He guides. This activity actually gives me the maximum satisfaction. I mostly judge myself on the progress mode on this front.

Lastly, my connection with God provides to me everything superior like peace, bliss, support, security, guidance, wisdom, help, energies of various kinds like ‘atmabala’ — the strength of the soul, maintenance of my family and forgiveness for mistakes made by me, inadvertently of course. Thankfully, there is a good connection between God and me. I mostly get God’s guidance during my sleep in night, which I can recollect upon getting up.

Everyone must figure out what suits one’s nature, circumstances, available resources, etc. However, the following guidelines will be quite handy in establishing what will enhance the quality of one’s life. Our lives revolve around our duties, therefore, we have to keep them uppermost in our minds.

Similarly, dharma should define our character and attitude. Without them, the quality can be ordinary only. What we aim for must be lasting. This is ensured by a connection with God, who controls everything mine or yours. And this connection will ensure peace, without which there is no superior existence.

In the end, I must mention that sense enjoyments occupy an important place in our lives, but these should be appropriate only, that is what is required indeed by our bodies, minds, intelligence, etc. Anything beyond degrades; does not enhance the quality of life. Sense pleasures of momentary nature are always temporary. They should not dominate our psyche. Only then, we will advance in the quality of life index. And this effort should be ongoing life after life, because we exist eternally. We should ensure that the next life will be better than the present one. The Cosmic design allows this continuity; we should take advantage of it. After all, the next life will also surely come.

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at spiritual@ajitbishnoi.com

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