6 Reasons to Switch to MobiKwik

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6 Reasons to Switch to MobiKwik

Thursday, 06 May 2021 | Agencies

6 Reasons to Switch to MobiKwik

There was a time when cash was the king. But things have changed now. Digital payment is the new reality that has struck all with its convenience, efficiency, and security. Above all, the current pandemic situation has shifted the focus from cash to digital payments.

Today, digital payment apps are leading the world including India and the way MobiKwik, the leading fintech platform, has changed the landscape of financial services is commendable. From transferring money and accepting payments to online shopping and bill payments, MobiKwik is no less than a genie, solving all the payment needs.

The Covid-19 pandemic has further boosted the reliance on digital payment apps. Everyone is choosing contactless and cashless modes of payment to maintain safety. Therefore, digital payment is the need of the hour for the good of all.

Hence, here are some reasons why you should switch to MobiKwik:

  1. Contactless & Cashless Payments

It’s very important for everyone to take precautionary measures since Covid-19 has dawned its havoc on the world, such as wearing a mask, frequently washing hands & avoiding cash payments. MobiKwik is your shield to protect you from current situations and make quick cashless transactions.

With the ease of digital payment apps in your phones, you do not need to physically touch or handle cash while making payments. Just scan the QR codes or enter the UPI ID, and the payments get done in a few seconds! This further lowers your contact with people; thereby, decreasing the chances of contracting the virus.

  1. Quick Phone Recharge & Instant Bill Payments

Whether you want to recharge your internet connection or have to pay the gas and water bills, MobiKwik allows you to do all these tasks in an efficient manner The app has more than 30 categories of bill payment services such as mobile recharge, DTH services, water, insurance premium, challan, cable and so on. It is wise to keep one app and make all payments from one place.

  1. Seamless Money Transfer

Everyone loves comfort. And when that comfort comes with security, it’s definitely one of the best combinations one can ask for. With MobiKwik, you can expect this terrific combination and enjoy seamless UPI money transfer of up to Rs 1 Lakh directly from your bank to another bank account. You can also make wallet to wallet transfers or wallet to bank transfers seamlessly. There are no extra charges involved while making the transaction, thus, making your experience better.

You can also use MobiKwik MPay and accept money sent by anyone, irrespective of the UPI app they have. Just create your Personal Payment Link, share it and you are good to go.

  1. Instant Credit

Be it medicine emergencies or buying any essential items, the needs in the time of a pandemic crisis can come to you anytime. And looking at the way finances are getting compromised, everyone wants a backup that can instantly rescue them from money troubles. For you, that backup can be MobiKwik!

The app has launched several services such as large and small credit loans to instantly fill your pocket with extra money without having to provide any collateral or mortgage. To avail large credit, just share your personal details for verification purposes, and the app will show the loan amount a user is eligible for. Complete the hassle-free application process and the loan amount will be disbursed in your MobiKwik wallet. The best part is, the loan money can be further transferred to your bank account and interest will be charged only on the withdrawn amount.

Another wow feature on the MobiKwik app is ZIP. This ‘Spend now, Pay later’ feature lets you make payment even when there is no balance in your digital wallet, by adding a credit up to Rs 30,000 at zero cost. You can pay the money later in 15 days. So, buy things you need without worrying about the cash in your wallet!

  1. Investments at your convenience

People now know the value of money savings. It’s always a good option to secure your future by investing in Mutual Funds, ELSS, SIP, Gold, and other assets today. With MobiKwik, you can start your investment journey with as little as Re 1.

But every other platform is offering this. What’s so special in MobiKwik? Well, with MobiKwik, you save 1% each year by investing in direct plans and can invest in more than 3,000 mutual fund schemes for absolutely free. No paperwork, no hidden cost, and it takes only 5 minutes to open your account!

  1. Extra Rewards & Guaranteed Savings

Who wouldn’t love extra rewards, especially if that reward is money! While using MobiKwik, you get payback rewards such as SuperCash, discounts and cashback offers on every transaction you make. All these perks create a never-ending cycle of earning and saving money you can use later.

So wait no more, just download the MobiKwik app and start your digital journey & enjoy the benefits of unlimited rewards.

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