RSS calls for population control law

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RSS calls for population control law

Monday, 15 March 2021 | PNS | Ranchi

The Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) will now push for population control act. RSS national executive member Indresh Kumar on a day long visit to State Capital said at a meeting that a law for two children should be brought in to ensure proper development of the country. Kumar said that RSS will support any law that calls for two children only.

"We feel this is the need of the hour though it is up to the government to take the final call on this. This law will not have any relation to any particular religion and will be applicable to all," he said at a press conference.

Underlining the need for population control, he said that India was a growing country but uncontrolled population growth was not healthy for development. He cited various reasons for an act for population control saying that with limited resources it will be herculean task for any developing country to provide al resources to its population.

He said, “Population control has been measures for government (Indira Gandhi Government) decades back but due to appeasement policy the successive governments failed to implement. Now we have a favouable government which believes in justice for all appeasement for none. Riding on this policy we have to bring a policy for population control.”

Indresh further said, “The population control measures is not for any religion, but it will be applicable for all people irrespective of their religions.” 

The RSS functionless attacking the opposition parties said that those political parties who were opposing population control are against the developmental policy as these parties primary aim is to instigate religious hatred on lines on religion.

He said, “These parties area opposing population control act as there politics revolves around appeasement policy and not on development of minority community.”

Indresh giving some reference said that in 1947 the country population was 34 crore which now has grown up to 135 crore and population of all religions including Hindus, Muslim, Christians, Sikhs have gone up, but at the same time our land space and natural resources has not increased it the government fail to bring an act to check population control it will lead to population explosion and it will be difficult for any countries to provide all natural resources to all its population. 

The RSS functionaries said that the impact of overpopulation is disastrous for the present as well as future generations as a rise in population is resulting in depletion of the resources, degradation of the environment, unemployment, and inequalities of income. “To protect the environment and to prevent future generations from experiencing a scarcity of resources, immediate attention has to be given to control the population and aim for sustainable development,” added Kumar.

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