Webinar on Remote Sensing, GIS Mapping ends

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Webinar on Remote Sensing, GIS Mapping ends

Thursday, 16 September 2021 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Webinar on Remote Sensing and GIS Mapping concluded in RadharamanCollege on Wednesday.

The daylong webinar on the topic of Remote Sensing and GIS Mapping was organized in Radharaman group. Students and teachers of the group's IT subjects participated in this webinar organized at the chief hospitality of Mukesh Gupta, subject expert and IT officer of the state government.

Radharaman Group's director R. Pandey and Head of Department of Civil Engineering Ajay Singh and Pankaj Rao Mahore discussed this topic in detail.

Jaipal Singh Bisht, deputy director of the institution said that GIS lab of latest technology will be set up in Radharaman Group soon, so that students of other branches including civil, computer, EC will be able to take advantage.

Mukesh Gupta explained that Remote Sensing provides us with a continuous and continuous source of information about the Earth, whereas Geographic Information System (GIS) is a methodology to handle all this geographical data.

The combination of these two disciplines allows us to conduct large-scale analysis of the Earth's surface and, at the same time, provide more and more detailed knowledge about many planets and improve our understanding of them.

These analyzes are essential for making decisions on sustainable management of natural resources, designing protected area networks, and addressing threats to global change.

He also told that through this we can easily know about the positioning of satellites and also the location of airplanes.

Group Chairman RR Saxena said that the purpose of this webinar was to make the students aware of the latest information about these cutting edge technologies. He said that his group keeps on acquainting the students with the aspects of practical knowledge along with academic knowledge through such events from time to time so that the students can become industry ready after completing their studies.

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