Astroturf | Astrology: a valued discipline

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Astroturf | Astrology: a valued discipline

Sunday, 22 August 2021 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Astroturf | Astrology: a valued discipline

Professor Brown didn’t believe in Astrology. He used to condemn this discipline through his writings. Later, out of curiosity, he collected horoscopes of 50,000 people pursuing different professions. He was astonished to find that those born when Mars was rising, became generals or joined one or other branch of forces. People pursuing other disciplines — Professors, Mathematicians, Scientists, Philosophers and Poets — were born under the influence of other planets. There was scope for one or two exceptions, but not many.

A Japanese, Dr. Tomato who studied human blood pattern, found that during menstrual cycle and pregnancy, women’s blood becomes thinner. It doesn’t happen in case of male. But even men’s blood becomes thinner after solar flare.

Professor Douglas, Director of Tree Ring Research Institute, USA found that following solar flare, the ring that trees make every year, becomes thicker. This trend continues for next five years and then becomes thinner again.

After every 9 cycles of solar flare, the world becomes subject to Pandemic. It is no coincidence that 25th cycle of solar flare (since recorded) began in December 2019. No wonder as it gained moment, the whole world got caught with Covid-19 pandemic, taking away at least 50 million lives. It began in Wuhan state of China. But being airborne, it spread all across the world as wind knows no geographical boundaries. During 1918-1920, we had Spanish flu which cost us millions of lives. There are evidences of pandemic in 1820, 1720, 1620 and 1520.

There is another major solar flare happening on the Sun, every 90 years, which affects water flow level in rivers. 4000 years back, Egyptian king Faraho directed to keep a record of water flow in Nile river, which still continues. An Egyptian scholar Tasman, working on that data, found that following major solar flare, water flow level goes up, which continues for the next 45 years and then it starts receding before it begins to rise again after another 45 years.

Scientists, studying behavioural pattern of some sea born fishes found that they flow with water waves to seashore to lay eggs during low tide. When the tide is again high, it brings back the fish born out of those eggs. How is it that millions of fishes make it to seashore at a particular moment. The scientist placed the fishes where sea tide doesn’t reach — kept them in lakes, in dark region having no exposure to Moon light, exposed them to Moon like light. Strangely enough, they all laid egg at the same time when sea fish laid their eggs. It simply implies that the fishes have some sensitive device to keep a track of periodical cosmic changes. Birds in the cold region fly out large distances about a month and half before snow fall. The timing of snow fall keeps varying every year. Accordingly, the birds make their move in advance. Obviously, the periodical cosmic changes would be there in their cognitive reach. Such is the correspondences between cosmic changes and life cycle of planet earth, and still to say that Astrology is a pseudoscience, is simply ridiculous.

About the zodiac signs (cluster of stars), they are not just dead entities doing their round in the cosmos. Like the Sun, they are also live, emitting energies of their own types. It may take thousands/million years for their light to reach the earth. But once they make it to the earth, continuum is maintained thereafter. And people on earth can’t escape its influence. Even the planets moving round the Sun need not be taken as physical bodies moving in the cosmos. Moon doesn’t have its own light, it reflects solar radiation, but not before turning it into an ambient form. Planets too are not just physical bodies. They are marked with energy streams passing through a particular region, with the said planet in the centre. Since, all existences are interconnected, they have to have corresponding bearing on our life cycle.

Every individual is born unique, all respectively marked with the imprint of the map of heaven at the time of their birth, each reflecting varying traits. Analysing it, the personal trends of a being could be deciphered with a fair amount of precision. Knowing which, one could make desired changes. So, this discipline could serve as a very effective diagnostic tool towards human resource development.

It would be, therefore, in fitness of things to offer grounds for further research on this valued discipline, so as to keep it relevant to the callings of our contemporary needs.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Connect with him at

Tel: 91-11-9818037273/9871037272


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