Ringing in new trends

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Ringing in new trends

Sunday, 03 January 2021 | Sunday PIONEER

Ringing in new trends

The New Year has brought with it loads of hopes and optimism for a better future. SUNDAY PIONEER lists the trends in the different sectors that will rule the year

Get inked in style

Realism tattoo: Realism tattoos are characterized by maximizing the life-like quality of anything we see in the world- monuments, animals, flowers etc . It can also be categorized as a "3D" tattoo with accurate representations of real-life imagery. 

A realism tattoo done by an inexperienced artist or someone who hasn’t trained in that particular style can be a disaster. But if done right, it will surely blow your mind. India's first Award-winning, internationally experienced artist, Lokesh Verma, Founder of Devil’z Tattooz is best known for his coloured realism and portraits style of tattooing that is mastered by only a few people across the world!

Sternum tattoos: Also known as chest or underboob tattoo, Sternum tattoo is considered among one of the best chest tattoo for women because it looks great aesthetically and gives a feminine feel.

Soundwave/talking tattoos: A new, revolutionary way to immortalise voices or your favourite tune through body art is the futuristic, latest invention in the world of tattooing.

Here’s how it works: Record an audio clip between 5 to 30 seconds of your loved ones and send it to the guys at Devil’z Tattooz through Whatsapp or email. They will create a soundwave of that audio clip and ink it on your skin permanently which you can playback by scanning it with your mobile phone whenever you want to hear their precious voice.

Armband tattoos: Armband tattoos are for people who want very bold tattoos. While armband tattoos are popular among men, it has also gained a lot of female attention nowadays. Armbands are usually like a bracelet usually done on arms as the name itself suggests. They can be of different types — solid black or with a theme like tribal, mandala, polynesian, nature-related or space-related. An armband tattoo can look very cool and aesthetically pleasing without taking up too much space on the forearm or bicep.

Portrait tattoos: Mostly rendered in a realistic style that portrays a head shot of a person. Portrait tattoos are usually for tattoo lovers who want to memorialise an important figure or person. They typically represent something or someone extremely meaningful — could be of a loved one who recently passed away, a newly born baby, a pet or a favourite musician.

Minimal tattoos: “Less is more” is the word on the street. Too much makeup, too many accessories, loud clothing, etc. will be sure to lose just about anyone’s attention. People simply don’t have any clue where to look first. The same applies to tattoos. Often, it’s the dainty tattoos that have a huge influence on your style. Want to convey across a powerful message in a subtle way? Then small tattoos characterized with clean lines are the way to go!

Miniscule tattoos are one kind of tattoos that are super discreet, incredibly detailed, pretty and aren't likely to date. That is why the millennials, especially women still haven't grown tired of the tiny trend.

Ringing in new trends

2020 has surely been the year of mostly staying indoors. While we were all left in our abode craving for comfort in every possible aspect, we ended up creating and reimagining the space around us in the most innovative and multifunctional manner. At some point, we turned our living space into a multipurpose office room and at other hand, our bedrooms were no less of a canvas.

Where we all have unprecedentedly turned ourselves into a decor expert, there are a few inculcated experiments that have earned the title of trends and shall stay with us in the new year too.

Multi-purpose furniture

A definite uptick and fascination with multi-purpose furniture pieces is already visible, and the trend aoised to get bigger in the coming year. Moreover, products which can shapeshift – have different forms and sizes when in use and when not in use – are a hot favourite amongst urban dwellers as they seamlessly fit into compact houses and are a novel design trend, says Pritika Singh, Founder, Mohh, a contemporary furnishing brand.


Less is more is what we have learnt in 2020, creating a minimalist bedroom look has surfaced as a new trend especially when people are enjoying their work as well as new learnings in their bedrooms. Minimalism is all about following a style inspiration and theme while acing the declutter game. Thus, 2021 will see a mixture of mood and preference. A subtle theme lover would definitely go for dark hues, textured, printed organic fabrics and while on the other side, the year will also witness bedrooms turned into an art using geometric and abstract prints, comments Rajiv Merchant, President Retail, Indo Count Industries Ltd

 Light furniture and opulent elements

A wave towards lighter furniture – in weight and finish is also gaining traction as the younger audience is moving away from the traditional darker, heavier furniture which tends to look bulky and are looking for modular furniture with light finishes, particularly white, distressed whites etc, adds Pritika Singh, Founder Mohh.  Lastly, we may also see more opulent elements such as wicker, inlay, gold and silver finishes make way into modern designs as it neatly ties together the old-time aesthetic sensibility with the need for modern designs as India’s growing urban population, largely millennials, become the country’s biggest consumer segment.

Growing and showing off greens

Spending more time indoors has let people turn their abode into a lush green place following the minimal trick. Thus, 2021 will see the range of innovative indoor planters, adds Pritika Singh, Founder, Mohh.

It’s a dating Sunday

A new year means new resolutions and a new outlook towards life, specifically your love life. And what better way to jumpstart your dating experiences than on the first Sunday of the year, popularly known as ‘Dating Sunday’. This particular day is known to have the highest number of singletons looking for love or a fresh start in their love-lives! And 2021 will not be any different. Going by tradition, in 2020, OkCupid witnessed over 13 million new conversations during the first week of January around the world. The positive mood continued through the month with over 54 million conversations during the entire month of January. This year,  the international dating app is predicting upwards of 15 million new conversations on and around Dating Sunday.

To make 2021 your year of love, OkCupid has shared the following simple tips to up your dating, particularly if you’re looking for a meaningful relationship. So, get online and get dating!

Update, Update, Update!

An estimated one in three dating app users don’t update their dating app profile once they put it up - but if you add a new photo or a new story, most dating apps treat you like a new person and the algorithm kicks into gear, showing you to more people.

People who complete their OkCupid profile get 200% more matches

Upload a variety of photos (more than just selfies!)

Share photos that show what makes you, you, whether about working in your make-shift office space at home or a recent hobby that you’ve taken up. 

Here’s the secret — you want to make it easy for that other person out there to reach out about the photo.

Photos that include animals are 3x more likely to get attention.

Show don’t tell

Instead of describing yourself with a long list of adjectives, talk about the things you love and enjoy doing. If you love dogs; show a picture with you and Fido in the park; if you're an adrenaline junkie, mention the time you went skydiving; if you’re funny describe the time you made everyone laugh with your maid of honor toast.

OkCupid’s essays are a perfect place to show potential matches with these aspects of yourself.

Send a meaningful message to initiate conversation

While it is true that women are 2.5x more likely to get a response than men if they initiate the conversation. Men shouldn’t lose heart. Look at a prospective match’s profile and comment on something specific that you like. Keep it around 140 characters and please don’t say “hey.” Try to engage on a specific photo or question, such as “Pizza is the best food out there.”

And yes, saying “hey” in a first message is almost equivalent to saying nothing, this greeting has an 92% chance of being completely ignored.


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