The path of our actions

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The path of our actions

Sunday, 18 July 2021 | Vipin Gupta

The path of our actions

The course of our actions leads us to be conscious that our present consciousness is contaminated with local forces, writes Vipin Gupta

In the current scenario, as we work our way through the pandemic, there is a critical need for us to revisit the path of action to know its significance using the modern scientific parlance. The path of action leads us to be conscious that our present consciousness is contaminated with many local forces. By globalising our mindset consciously, we can be the conscious entity enjoying our life without contaminating the consciousness of others with our unfulfilled wishes.

What if we let the local forces contaminate our consciousness? When we manifest the consciousness that the local forces impregnate within our spirit, we lose the consciousness of objectivity and develop a subjective consciousness cherishing materialistic happiness.

When we lack objective consciousness, we become a subject capturing all the local forces, the copy of people’s wishes, within our present consciousness. In Hindi, the present consciousness means paramatma. We reproduce paramatma as our atma, i.e., our consciousness. Thus, we transform the illusion of the unknown reality yet-to-manifest into the known reality. Consequently, we limit our power to be the conscious entity, conscious of how to fulfill our goals. The Sci-fi movie The Mandela Effect showed how one becomes obsessive about the illusion-turned-known reality and destroys one’s unknown reality as a conscious entity.

Materialism is the thing that gives us joy by producing an illusion of materialising our goal. When we do not have any goal in life, we begin associating materialistic growth and its three-fold growth over the past, present, and future of our life as our potential. The materialistic growth is the six-fold growth realised through the three-fold growth of the material kingdom that we wish to possess and the three-fold growth of the spirit kingdom that impregnates us with a possessive wish. The spirit kingdom does so because the “spirits” (Ruh) do not possess anything. They are a “figment of our imagination” (kalpanik), formed from our belief system.

When we materialise a figment, that is, spirit, with our conscious life force, it becomes a photon. Let me reiterate, the conscious spirit we create with our consciousness becomes the photon.

Now, if you are a student of science, you may know that in science, a “universe of photons” (Vishvagoptri) is known as water. Therefore, we can say that the water is the spirit kingdom. Modern research shows that the water radiates a “conscious light force” (Apas). It diffuses the spirit of our physical body’s water through the force of water.

Drawing from India’s ancient wisdom, the force of water is the water-effect that forms “Hydrogen” (Jalaprana) and transforms into our “consciousness” (Chetana).

Thus, our “belief system” (Saguna) shapes our consciousness and confabulates our life’s goal with the Mandela-effect. We begin materialising the wishes of those who have formed our belief system.

The youth’s belief system today is largely shaped by the media, charmed by the Western material development through the domination over the other nations. The materialism motivates the youth to seek material wealth through any means, by hook or by crook, to counter the dominating forces with their youthful vigor. Their outlook results in their self-destruction because everybody is seeking to become “omnipotent” (Sarva-shaktiman), for positioning themselves as the “present consciousness” (Paramatma). When everybody wishes to be paramatma, they just become an aggregator of all “local forces” (Mahadasha). They become a devil king without any follower, thus suffering mental depression.

In their mind, they are supreme gurus who are setting the course everybody should be following. When they have few followers on the social media, they take on the path of alcoholism, drugs, and other self-destructive habits seeking to conceive illusions and make them their known reality.

My research illuminates the unknown reality of each person as a “conscious entity” (Siddha). When we are conscious of our goals, we need not spiritualise them for somebody else to follow or materialise them as a follower wishing to be a leader lord of the entire land, like the King Indra. That lets us be the enjoyer of our reality as a conscious entity. We master the method for manifesting the present and materialising the future we wish, without being limited by our past. We can be conscious of our goals through discipline, devotion, and dedication to our roles, thus developing a sensible sense of proportion for living a fulfilling life overall.

The writer is the professor of management at the California State University, San Bernardino. He explains many ways to live the seventh way in the 2021 12-book namesake project, Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature (VIPIN)

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