Virtual games take front seat

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Virtual games take front seat

Thursday, 20 May 2021 | Team Viva

Virtual games take front seat

You certainly remember playing board games with friends and family when you were younger? It used to be so much fun and hours would go by in a jiffy, without you even realising. How times have changed...

Now that most of us are cooped up indoors, virtual games such as Ludo, Monopoly or UNO are a welcome distraction and have taken up the role played by traditional board games of bringing people together. In order to break the monotony while sustaining sanity in these times, here are a few games that you could play on your smartphones along with friends and family even if they are not around.


Monopoly is a classic game that needs no introduction and has now been updated for smartphones. It is one of the most popular games for family and friends today. One could even call it an educational game since it provides knowledge about investments to the players. By rolling dice and moving pointers, everyone gets to earn some Monopoly money and have fun. It is currently available for Android devices.

Ludo Emperor

Play Ludo like never before with Ludo Emperor. It’s the world’s fastest ludo game with unique and engaging gameplay. You can play with friends or play online to clash against your opponents, defend your fort, attack enemies with dragons, goblins and cannons. Reach the victory square to become an emperor. This game is available for free in Google Play Store and App Store.

Draw Something

Draw Something brings to life Pictionary (if you are old enough to know what that is, congratulations!). This is a simple game which allows family members to challenge each other on drawing items based on descriptions, and unsuspecting participants have to guess the word. You can also play this game with people around the world. This game is available for android and can be downloaded for free.


This is another interactive and entertaining game based on a traditional card game. Players can earn points by making strategic moves on your smartphones. The game has been designed to get everyone involved and is available for Android users.

Among Us

It is one of the most popular games across the globe, currently. You can play this game over local servers or online with four-10 players at a time. Here you need to prep your spaceship for departure but have to be aware as one will be an impostor hell-bent on killing everyone.  Crewmates can win the game by completing their tasks or voting out the imposter off the ship. You can download the game for free on Google Play Store.

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