Now&Me to your rescue

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Now&Me to your rescue

Tuesday, 11 January 2022 | PNS

Now&Me to your rescue

Gen Z, who is more aware of mental health than the previous generations, still seems to be struggling with it and not much is being done about it. Now&Me, founded by Drishti Gupta and Bani Singh is a start-up that aims to build a safe space online where a community of empaths can interact and share their stories and insecurities.

For a start, they installed a small set-up of two chairs and a chalkboard at the busy street of Galleria Market, Gurgaon. The goal here was to make people realise how much weight can be lifted off them by simply sharing their insecurities. Sharing your emotions can give you immense relief and make you feel empowered.

People’s insecurities ranged from depression, anxiety, friends and family issues, job expectations, future worries and outer appearance issues. More than 100 people voluntarily participated and agreed on feeling lighter, better and empowered later on.

The activity was a micro-demonstration of how communities work online. The founders said that it was to see and observe how many people are comfortable in opening up to a stranger and that they were happily surprised with the kind of participation they received.

The credit of the idea and organising of the activity goes to Word Dogs, which is a creative agency that works with start-ups. Their founder, Nipun Sood said, “It is rather gutsy of the client to take on such a risky and innovative form of marketing themselves. The integration was very subtle yet the pull towards the brand was highly successful.”

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