‘Hatred’ over adultery, drug addiction behind Sitapur brutal killing

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‘Hatred’ over adultery, drug addiction behind Sitapur brutal killing

Friday, 25 November 2022 | PNS | Lucknow

With the Shraddha Walkar murder case in Delhi already making headlines in the national media, it transpires that not just love jihad, hatred too is pushing men to brutal killings. This emerges from the confession made by the man arrested for chopping his wife into pieces in Sitapur.

“My wife was addicted to drugs and she left home to stay with different people. This disturbed me as I could not tolerate her sleeping with other men so after all my attempts failed to check her behavior, I decided to get rid of her,” confessed Pankaj Maurya, the husband arrested for brutally killing his wife Jyoti alias Sneha in Sitapur.

“With the help of my friends, I chopped my wife into pieces and disposed of them in different localities,” he said, adding that his act was governed by “hatred” and his attempt to conceal the crime.

The police recovered the body parts of Jyoti alias Sneha on November 8 from Gulariha area. Jyoti's husband Pankaj Maurya and his friend Durjan Pasi -- the two main accused in the case -- were arrested after a probe into the incident.

The police in a statement said Maurya's friend "has also been arrested for helping him in the crime". The police said that Maurya made the plan to murder Jyoti after he suspected that she was cheating on him. The two were married for over 10 years.

This sensational killing came close on heels to the brutal murder of Shraddha Walker by her live-in partner Aaftab Poonawalla who allegedly sawed her body into 35 pieces in Delhi.

Besides Sitapur, another such brutal killing over ‘hatred’ came to light last week in Azamgarh, where a lover beheaded a girl, chopped her body into six pieces and threw them in a well. The accused, Prince Yadav, arrested by the police earlier this week, also confessed to have developed `hatred’ for his lover Aradhana Prajapati (24), as she married another youth when he went to Dubai for a job. Prince confessed that after returning last month, he tried to pressurise Aradhana to leave her husband and marry him but as she refused, he decided to eliminate her and chopped off her body into pieces and threw them in a well and dumped the head several kilometers away.

In the first week of this month, a youth had brutally hacked her lover to death, crushed her face with a blunt object before throwing the body near a railway track in Barabanki. In this case also, the police claimed that hatred for the girl, as she had ditched the accused, led to the brutal killing.

Not just lovers, several parents are also brutally killing their daughters in the name of saving “family honour”. The hatred they develop for their own kin for establishing relations against their wish forces them to chose “brutal” ways of killing and a glaring example surfaced this week where a father shot his daughter dead and later with the help of his wife, stuffed her body in a trolley bag and dumped it on Yamuna Expressway in Mathura. This sensational fact came to light when the police arrested the parents two days back.

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