Save animals from lumpy virus, get them vaccinated for free

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Save animals from lumpy virus, get them vaccinated for free

Friday, 23 September 2022 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that a serious crisis has come in front of us in the form of lumpy virus disease affecting livestock. Lumpy virus is spreading in Madhya Pradesh too. We do not consider our animals, especially gau mata as mere animals, but we consider them as mothers and have reverence for them. Be it gau mata, other animals, they work to strengthen our economy. Today when they are in trouble, it is our duty to do our best to get them out of this crisis.

Chief Minister Chouhan, in a message addressed to the cattle rearers and farmers, said that the government is with you at the time when the animals are in distress, the government staff will extend full cooperation. The vaccine for this disease is being given free of cost, but you have to be careful. If we do not take precautions, then our livestock will be in serious trouble. Anyway, we see the same consciousness in animals as in humans. That is why we talk about compassion for the living beings and there should be welfare of the world.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the welfare of the world includes the welfare of these animals, whether it is cows or buffaloes. Therefore, it is necessary that we immediately recognise the symptoms of this disease.

Animals infected with the lumpy virus undergo many changes. If your animals are showing these symptoms, get them treated immediately. When infected, animals develop fever and become lethargic. There is swelling in the feet, eyes become watery and saliva constantly comes out of the mouth. The lump starts forming in the body, this lump is round and raised.

The weight of the animal starts decreasing and small wound like raised marks start appearing all over the body. The milk of the milking animals is also stopped or reduced. Therefore there is a need to take immediate measures to save our animals from this disease as this disease spreads from animal to animal. This disease also spreads from one animal to another by mosquito, biting fly, etc, but this disease does not spread from animal to human.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that this virus spreads rapidly after the animals get infected. Therefore, it is better to take some precautions to protect the animals from getting infected. While advising the animal owners to take precautions, Chief Minister Chouhan said that if any one animal shows symptoms, immediately isolate it from other animals and contact the veterinarian, besides protecting the animals from parasites like fly, mosquito, louse etc. Keep spraying disinfectant in the infected area, do not leave the carcass of animals that has died of lumpy virus in the open and bury it in a deep pit.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that free vaccination is being done by the government, maximum vaccination can prevent this disease, so vaccination must be done.

Our veterinarians and other staff are available to assist you with the treatment and to provide advice about the disease.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the government is standing with you, but we all have to work together. Just as we fought to save humans from Covid-19, similarly we will have to fight this battle to save bovine and all the other remaining animals. Let us gear up and get involved to defeat the lumpy virus completely.

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