Villagers in Punjab can now set up Bio Gas plant for free under MGNREGA

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Villagers in Punjab can now set up Bio Gas plant for free under MGNREGA

Wednesday, 30 November 2022 | PNS | Chandigarh

The villagers in Punjab can now set up a biogas plant at their homes for free under the MGNREGA scheme. For, the Punjab Government has decided to provide employment to the maximum number of people under the MGNREGA scheme by the Rural Development and Panchayat Department besides individual benefits to the villagers. As part of the same, the villagers can also get a free biogas plant constructed in their homes.


Regarding this unique initiative, the state Chief Secretary Vijay Kumar Janjua on Tuesday held a meeting with the Finance Commissioner (Rural Development and Panchayat) K Siva Prasad and explored the possibility of daily wages for MGNREGA beneficiaries for the construction of biogas plants under this scheme.


Besides, funds will also be provided for the construction of a biogas plant.


Under this scheme, a biogas plant of one cubic meter will be built at a total cost of Rs 38,500, including daily wages to the job holders. Along with this, the beneficiary will be able to use the biogas for cooking.


The Chief Secretary said that biogas is a clean, pollution-free, and cheap fuel. It is a source of renewable energy generated from animal dung, crop waste, vegetable peels, surplus or spoiled vegetables and any kind of excrement which is provided free of cost to the MGNREGA beneficiaries.


“Biogas will be available for cooking which is also non-polluting, and along with it, the waste from the biogas plant can also be used as fertilizer for agriculture, which has more properties than manure. Biogas technology uses commonly used fuels like wood, kerosene and LPG. Saves gas expenses, besides its use also gets rid of environmental damage caused by harmful gases produced from wood, kerosene,” added the Chief Secretary.


The Chief Secretary also mentioned that for every needy family whose job card has been created under the MGNREGA scheme, the construction of a biogas plant will be provided free of charge by the Rural Development Department.


A campaign will also be launched by the Department to generate awareness in this regard among the people so that the maximum number of rural families can construct biogas plants in their homes.

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