Address fault lines, Raja yoga will bear fruit

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Address fault lines, Raja yoga will bear fruit

Sunday, 25 September 2022 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Address fault lines, Raja yoga will bear fruit

The indwelling human potential is immense. If unfolded in full, one would know no limits. The irony, however, is that because of our clouded vision, major part of the landscape of our mind remains unexplored, and therefore, remains dormant. Ordinarily, we have access to hardly 5 to 7 percent of our mind-space. The thought-seeds stored therein, which includes even destiny pointers, ordinarily drive our thought process, and thereby all actions on our part. No sooner congenial ground becomes available, they come into play. The question now is: Are we fully bound by our destiny indicators as the general belief runs, or do we have scope to make necessary amends through conscious efforts?

For the answer, we need to examine the premise on which destiny stands. All species but for human beings, are bound by the design parameters underlying their making and with no scope to make any exception. Human beings, on the contrary, enjoy the exclusive privilege to guide their actions by choice and discrimination. But whenever choice option comes into play, the probability of its use and misuse becomes equal. And there is nothing like a free lunch in this world. We shall have to own up the consequences of good or bad choices we make. Evidently, the intent underlying the choices made, and actions thereto, define what we become due for in life – good or bad. That is what binds us into a cause-effect chain that runs in succession, even stretching to the next life.

So, apparently it appears difficult to evade the consequences of the Karmic carryover from the past, as they are reflection of our own doing and undoing. If, however, we probe little deeper, we may find that this is just half-truth. We forget that the same choice option would also enjoin upon us with the capacity to make conscientious choice to make necessary amends. Mind is a versatile instrument, which could self-reflect upon its own thought patterns. Should you dispassionately examine them, they may throw light on our desire and mind trends, with all their positives and negatives. We may then identify and acknowledge our potential and fault lines. Following which, we could make necessary amends through fresh educative inputs. Also, hone our potential. Not simply that, having got over the limitations of mind, we could expand our vision and thereby our mind-power to come out with our best.

No wonder, swami Vivekanand used to say: “The history of the world is the history of few men who had faith in themselves. Faith calls out divinity within, you can do anything. You fail only because you do not strive sufficiently to unfold immense power within.”

It simply implies that if you fail in life, it is not necessarily because destiny would be so scripted. It is more for want of efforts necessary to unfold immense potential within, lying dormant thus far.

This I had to explain when someone could not understand how raja-yogas in the chart by themselves do not ensure a good fortune. Ground necessary for their fruition needs to be created by addressing the limiting tendencies of mind that stand in the way. The person had come seeking guidance on why his son’s potential was not bearing fruits. His son’s career had been subject to unwanted twists and turns and so had not settled down despite being in his late thirties. This, despite having a good academic background. A look into astrological pointers may throw further light.

9th lord Moon in the 10th house, read together with 10th lord Sun conjunct 5th lord Jupiter, form a very strong raja yoga. But limiting tendencies of mind have been playing spoil sport with his positives. Karmic Saturn conjunct Ketu makes him an escapist. Habitually, he keeps pushing off his initiatives for tomorrow. Also, avoids meeting challenges head on. Moon placed adverse to Neptune makes him stuck to his fanciful dream perceptions, often distanced from ground realities, and not keen to look beyond for a reality check. He would not acknowledge truth on its first appearance. He rather continues passionately pursuing his beliefs on hope against hope till pushed to the wall. Venus placed adverse to Uranus and the Sun, make him too much touchy and sensitive. He, therefore, gets over exercised even on trivial issues, and keeps unnecessarily brooding and contemplating over them for long. Mars in the 4th house placed adverse to Uranus makes him temperamental. When things don’t work his way, in the heat of moment, he may temporarily lose his sense of reasons. The result is there to see.    


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