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Sunday, 03 July 2022 | HEALTH PIONEER


l Loosening Practices: Neck Movements (Right and left bending/Forward and backward bending)


Chest Movements (Vakshsthal Shakti Vikasaka)


Asana: (Tadasana/Urdhahastattanasana/Kati Cakrasana/ Ardha Ustrasana/Shashakasana/Marjariasana/Vakrasana/ Makrasana/Bhujangasana/Setubandhasana/Saral matsyasana/Saral Pavanmuktasana/Shavasana)


Kriya: Jalneti (twice a week)/Kapalbhati(daily)


Breathing (Abdominal Breathing/Thoracic Breathing)


Pranayama (Suryabhedan Pranayama/Chandrabhedan Pranayama/ Ujjayi Pranayama/Bhramari Pranayama)


Bandha (Jalandharabandha


Relaxation/ Dhyana (Yoga Nidra/Dhyana)


Some foods (processed food, ice creams, aged cheeses, salty foods); drinks (alcohol, caffeinated beverages, wines); food additives (monosodium glutamate); stress, bright lights, sounds; missing sleep or too much sleep; intense physical exertion; changes in weather and some medicines like oral contraceptives and vasodilators may trigger migraine.


Myth: Migraine is just a headache, and nothing needs to be done about it
Fact: If you do not recognize you have a migraine the frequency of the headache starts to increase with the passage of time and taking pain killers to avoid the pain can prompt the next headache to come faster. The frequency of attacks increases this phenomenon, known as a 'Rebound Headache Phenomenon', also known as 'Medication Overuse Headache' involving from 5 to 10 to 20 attacks a month.
Myth: I cannot have migraine because it is a one-sided headache
Fact: Migraine can be both-sided, front or back condition.
Myth: Only adults have migraine
Fact: Children around 6 years of age can also have migraines.


Avoid loud noises and bright lights

Take breaks from the TV or computer screen to rest your eyes, and adjust the brightness levels on digital screens. Pay close attention to all visual and audio disturbances, and make sure you can easily avoid them if a migraine arises.

Pay attention to food choices

 Keep a headache diary

By keeping a diary, you can easily identify your specific migraine triggers.

Beware of hormonal changes

Take supplements

Pay attention to the weather

Eat and sleep on a regular schedule

Avoid stress: Although we can’t always control stressful situations, we can control how we react to them.

Choose relaxing exercises

Plan ahead

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