Think Less to  Live Longer

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Think Less to  Live Longer

Wednesday, 17 May 2023 | Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji

Thoughts in your mind will decide the happiness and satisfaction in your life

TThe human mind has the most extraordinary capacities to create, remember and evoke and to travel into the past and future of free will. Not many of us know that everything visible to us through our physical eyes today, every particle of matter that we can touch and feel now first had its blueprint in the human mind. In other words, everything outside is a physical manifestation of what is inside. Therefore, everything in the universe was first born as a thought or a tiny sentient point or dot. A dot has no length, breadth or width, but it has immense power and contains a lot.

 It’s estimated that an average person has around 70,000 thoughts per day. So, how many of us focus on observing our thoughts? Maybe very few… Do we ever think of putting a brake on or a full stop to our thoughts? Neuroscientists estimate that the human brain contains 100 billion neurons. Each neuron has about 1,000 connections. Each connection fires, on an average, 200 times per second resulting in 20,000 trillion calculations per second! And all this consumes loads of life energy.

 Hence, if we can reduce the number of thoughts even by a small percentage, then it can have a huge bearing on our life. That is why it has been proven scientifically that practising silence for a few minutes every day gives you the power of that conserved energy. Because, once we succeed in reducing the number of thoughts, we will start observing a remarkable improvement in the quality of our thoughts. How?

It’s simple! When we reduce the number of thoughts, then the thought congestion comes down and we will be able to hold every thought a little longer. The longer we can hold on to a thought, the more potent the thought becomes. We should understand the fact that every thought has creative power, hence the longer we hold a thought, the more powerful it becomes. With every thought, we send out the essence of ourselves, which mixes with other essences and creates and re-creates our physical environment. So, again- practicing silence or in simple language Meditating for a few minutes every day gives you the power to create your chosen environment.

 Thinking too much is like eating too much. The heaviness of our mind makes it impossible to remain light and flexible. Today we all are experiencing how the present era dominated by vices and wickedness is promoting devilish tendencies. Hence, the speed and intensity of negative thoughts are much greater than the positive ones which are very few. The major part of these positive thoughts fritters away before implementation due to a greater momentum of internal weak thoughts and the force of the external environment presently conducive for unrighteousness. Under such circumstances, the practice of meditation lends power to our thoughts. It helps us to realize our positive and pure intentions by reinforcing and re-programming them into our minds. By wiping the film of body consciousness or human weaknesses, it emerges our original, eternal spiritual qualities of knowledge, peace, power, love and purity. It unleashes the vast positive capacity of our thoughts - the infinite power to visualize the most beautiful and realize it in the real world. It helps us to create an internal positive environment that is independent of the external vicious world. That's the significance of sitting in the seat of meditation. By sitting in a state of non-doing, either in a space of high vibrations or in the presence of a person of high vibrations, those vibrations will be transferred to us. The power of non-doing is such that it enables you to tune in and inherit the higher vibrations, and in the presence of higher vibrations, all things become easy and possible. So, pause to check what kind of thoughts are being created in your mind for these will decide the degree of  happiness and satisfaction.

(Writer is a spiritual educator & popular columnist for publications across India,Nepal & UK)

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