Yogi flags off race to 2024

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Yogi flags off race to 2024

Monday, 25 September 2023 | Deepak Kumar Jha | Noida/New Delhi

Yogi flags off race to 2024

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday said the State has been fast-tracked in terms of holistic development, including infrastructure and economy, turning it into a huge land of opportunities.

Yogi said investment opportunities have multiplied in the State due to several reforms effected in recent years such as ease of doing business and improvement in law and order.

Speaking passionately about the State’s commitment to promoting sports and with a focus on the youth population, Yogi said Uttar Pradesh currently has a population of 25 crore, with a significant portion falling within the working-age group.

He also highlighted that, in collaboration with the Central Government, the State is actively working on developing sports facilities at various levels, from the gram to block/panchayat level to the district and State levels.

Yogi reminded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday laid the foundation for an international cricket stadium in ‘India’s cultural and spiritual capital’ Varanasi.

By hosting such a large-scale international event soon after the successful G20 Summit followed by a trade fair in UP, Yogi has in way demonstrated that he is unwavering in exploring and capitalising on opportunities buoyed by the visionary support of the ruling party at the Centre.

The Chief Minister said the UP Government is working with the Centre to develop sports facilities like stadiums and mini-stadiums in every district of the State.

“There are 58,000 gram panchayats in the State and open gyms are being developed where women and youngsters feel encouraged to pursue sporting avenues and our administration is encouraging every single talent,” the Chief Minister said to a huge round of applause from the large gathering in at the Grand Prix venue Budh International Circuit.

The Chief Minister was in the Gautam Budh Nagar district on Sunday to inaugurate the MotoGP event in Greater Noida. This marked his second visit to the area in less than a week, the previous one being when he accompanied President Draupadi Murmu to the trade fair.

In the run up to the 2024 Lok Sabha polls and to counter the competition from the Opposition bloc INDIA, the BJP Government in the State is giving an impetus to the infrastructure growth across the State.

Yogi heading the most populous State with 80 Lok Sabha seats is a key BJP leader in securing the prospects of the party in the Parliamentary polls next year.

Yogi, dubbed as “bulldozer baba” has meticulously projected himself as a tough administrator acting in real time against criminals and gangster on the one hand and pushing mega infrastructure projects to make Uttar Pradesh a USD 1 trillion economy.

Sources in the Government said Yogi is personally monitoring the developmental progress of the region, which holds immense potential and significance due to its proximity to the national Capital.

Additionally, another international airport is slated to be built in Greater Noida.

Christoph Schnellman, the CEO of Yamuna International Airport Private Limited, a subsidiary of Swiss firm Zurich Airport International AG which is developing the Noida International Airport, said he was overwhelmed by the size and the diversity of the exhibitors.

“I think it’s a real testament to the dynamism and the vibrancy of the economy in UP,” Schnellman said.

He said he is now convinced that the Noida International Airport will make “a big, big difference” and will contribute massively to the further growth and development of this economy across the entire broad cross-section.

“We feel very much at home and a part of this economic growth in the state of UP,” he added.

Giving the clarion call to the business community to invest in the State, Yogi said, “Uttar Pradesh is a State of opportunities. There is good infrastructure in terms of connectivity via rail, road, and waterways. There is a good opportunity in logistics as well and junction of two key freight corridors the Eastern and the Western Freight Corridors too falls at this junction.”

Early in February 2023, the Yogi Government organised its first global investor summit in Lucknow, with more than a dozen countries, including the UK, Italy, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Denmark, the Netherlands, the UAE, and Mauritius participating as partner countries.

During this event, the State received investment proposals worth `36 lakh crore.

“Uttar Pradesh has taken great strides in the field of technology which resulted in investments coming into the State and it is being monitored through the ‘Nivesh Mitr’ portal,” Yogi said.

Several major domestic and multinational companies have participated in the conclave where State’s MSME Minister Rakesh Sachan and Industrial, and Exports Development Minister Nand Gopal Gupta were also in attendance. Yogi took the occasion to offer lucrative schemes to the global automobile industry.

As per the details, more than 275 national and international brands are associated with the MotoGP event which included BMW, Tissot, Michelin, RedBull, Shell, DHL, Oakley, Amazon, Petronas, etc.

The race is the first major motorsport event to be held in India since Formula 1’s Indian Grand Prix in 2013, and it is expected to attract a large crowd of fans.

The MotoGP statement comes amid reports that several riders, including six-time MotoGP champion Marc Marquez, and team members, had been struggling to obtain visas for India.

In coordination with the UP Government, the Centre and the MEA, the issue was sorted out last week after direct intervention of the Chief Minister and meeting with the Prime Minister in this regard.

The ongoing Uttar Pradesh’s first-ever International Trade Show inaugurated by Murmu at the India Expo Centre and Mart in Greater Noida on September 21 in presence of Yogi has attracted Airport developers and multinational firms.

More than 70,000 business-to-business buyers from 70 countries have registered for the trade show, and over 2,000 exhibitors have put up stalls at the ITS which has witnessed thousands of visitors.

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